Mississippi River Tour - 2009

We plan to ride 1500-2000 miles starting June 20th, 2009. Our destination is projected to be New Orleans, but our goal is simply to have an adventure.........the journey is our true destination.

Our route is not the straight road, it is not the highway. We are taking the backroads and seeing the country at 15mph.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Please create an account and leave us some messages!

Check back often for updates.

This will outline most of our daily blog posts.


It's FINALLY here!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Chris, today is the day! You can soon cross this idea off of your list of things to accomplish. I am so excited for you All.
Not to plagiarize or anything BUT:


I love you All, so.........................
Stay safe, have fun, see you on the flip side of this one.

your tour

you guys will have to stop by and see me on your way though. i live right by the mississppi. just right over the wisconsin iowa bridge. how long do you think it will take to get here?????



Hey Pam,

Can you give us the nearest town and what towns are nearby? If we are going past we will stop! We can't go too far off course, but you might be close!

That would be cool.

your course

we live my hazel green, galena, i live just a bit from the river in dubuque. there are a few good places to sleep and eat here. how long from your mom's house to here on bike?


I have no idea. I have not

I have no idea. I have not looked at maps much. I will have to get back to you. We are in sparta now, heading to lacrosse tomorrow then south, hoping to do about 50 miles per day for the first few days.


we are about 150 miles from madison. if you just follow the mississppi you will reach dubuque,
let me know.