Prepping Bikes..... June 18, 2009

Today Laura, Katie, and I gave our bikes a thorough cleaning and tune-up. Laura had a good time removing the 'goo-balls' from the cassette on her bike. Everything is cleaned, lubed, and ready to roll. Chuck's bike will get it's makeover tomorrow, Roger's was done earlier in the week.

Our primary concern is currently tires. Roger, Chuck, and Laura have new tires which should last 3000 miles or more. My tires should have 1500-2000 miles left in their life, which is pushing it. Katies tires should be good at least for a few blocks. Yeah, I didn't realize quite how worn her rear tire was. We are going to haul 2 spare tires, each should be good for 500+ miles. I guess this adds excitement.

Yeah, we should have replaced them, but Katie doesn't have much extra money for this trip. She is paying for it 100% on her own, with money she has earned at her weekend job. Using the spares is also a green solution!

Maybe I should add a poll with a picture of Katies tire. In what state will her tire finally go flat?

Chuck and Amanda arrive tomorrow, and our stuff will get prepped to head out on Saturday. It still feels surreal.....


Good Luck Everyone

Good Luck to Everyone.

Have a wonderful time and please stay safe.

If someone needs to get picked up and Delores is unable to help,
let us know and we will do what we can.



Goo-balls? Tell me again, where do you go riding? I've heard of Pittsville but never Goo-Ball-ville!! Stay away from the goo-ball puddles. That should help.