Packing has begun..... June 16, 2009

Everyone has begun packing, and nerves are setting in.I know this because my phone keeps ringing, and my emails are piling up.

We have a very organized spreadsheet showing what each person is responsible for.....however the last minute jitters question every decision....

How many pairs of socks do I need? 3 pairs? 4 pairs? 3.5 pairs in case I lose a sock? Every decision comes with a weight and bulk consequence. How often do I want to do laundry?

Most of us use Arkel RT-60s which are specifically designed for recumbent touring. They hold 60 litres of gear, and are built solidly. Still, living for 5 weeks using only 60 litres of space is difficult. A tent, sleeping bag, and a pair of shoes will mostly fill one of them. Do you really need the sleeping bag?

I am currently about 75% packed and can't decide if I want to bring the rainfly for my tent. I do not have a mesh ceiling, so do I really need it? Nah, what are the odds it rains in the next month......




Socks, Underwear, Helmets

Oh My!!!! They have them packed, thank goodness. Pants & shirts too. My idea for those. hehe


Laura wants me to bring a washcloth. I don't have room for such a luxary! Maybe I can cut it into quarters and bring 1 of them..............

Here is an idea...

Why don't you just put the wash cloth on the top of your head, put your ball cap on top of that and then your helmet...problem solved.


Good point Jeano. I do have a bandanna, why do I need a wash cloth?

oh forget it

the best thing is to just hose you off and hang you out to dry, like all laundry.
kisses from the mother-in-law