Day 26 - Sharron VT to North Haverhill - 37 miles (1298 total)

Going to keep this short. We got up early from our great stay with Barb and Wally (Wally was not home) Smith. We could have stayed and talked with Barb for a week or more!

The decent down Sharon hill was a VERY quick two miles. Then the morning turned a bit sour. We stopped at a small cafe in South Strafford, Katie didn't feel well. Laura was feeling a bit queasy too. We did have a crummy gas station danish breakfast, but they seemed fresh.

The people at the cafe in South Strafford were wonderful. I didn't get their picture! Darn. Well, if you two are reading this, a big thanks. They let us relax in their seating area for a couple hours. Katie started feeling a bit better, so we hit the road for a now shortened day. Our early start was gone, and 100+ road temps and high humidity awaiting us, along with two sick bellies. Our 60 mile goal was not going to happen so we found some alternate plans.

Thanks again to the staff at the cafe.

A few miles later, we pulled into a gas station. Katie blitzed for the freezer section and purchased lasagna. An hour later she couldn't eat and was sick as can be. Then she is nuking lasagna. I guess she was feeling better.

We had some nice roads today, with only a few big grades. That was good a good thing, since the girls just didn't have any push. We had some covered bridges, and even a mile or two on a dirt road. The weather got hot very quickly with our two hour delay, and we soon found ourselves baking. As with every day bicycle touring, the plans must be flexible in order to succeed.

We crossed into New Hampshire over the Connecticut River.

Rog is the tough one today. He used a KYBO in the sun today! I would have sooner used the woods, or my shoe. That guy has some toughness. Yeah, we are still in an area with very few businesses that let you use their restrooms. Also, since AC is so rare, it is hard finding a place to cool down.

Katie waved goodbye to the Green Mountains. White Mountains next.

Katie has Moxie, so we got a Moxie soda. Do not do this. Drink floor cleaner instead. It has to be better. So gross. Just so gross. Worst thing ever. I can not begin to explain how bad this is. Take Coke, then add black licorice, and root beer. Then some pine scented cleaner. So gross. Just so gross. This gas station was awesome though. AC. Restrooms. Cold drinks. Nice seating. Perfect. This was what Laura needed to push for 10 last miles.

The girls health and safety is the top priority, so we stopped at every chance we could to cool down. Katie got better as the day went on, but Laura got worse. We called it a day after 37 miles, finding a remarkably nice campground. There are severe storm warnings in the area, and we want to be out early tomorrow, so we grabbed a cabin for less than the price of two tent sites. Sweet!

We walked to some Ice Cream and to get groceries for dinner and breakfast.

We are in North Haverhill. Our goal was Lincoln. So, what is our plan tomorrow? We will leave early, and see how we do, and see what happens.

The girls both say they feel fine now. Katie seemed to have a stomach thing that was gone by dinner. Laura seemed to be having heat related stress. A cool night and doing our biking earlier tomorrow should fix that. Do not worry. If a rider struggles, we all happily wait. If we were in a hurry, we wouldn't be on a bicycle.

Everyone is still smiling and laughing. It is the time of our lives.... and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Well, maybe in an area without severe storm warnings.



When I saw on Facebook that you guys had finished so nice and early, I thought "good for you." However, it seems it wasn't such a great day after all for a couple of the riders. Hope everyone's feeling well, now.

When does Katie get to blog again? Nothing personal, Chris ...