Superior Bike Trip - August 2008.

In late 2008, we rode from New Lisbon in central Wisconsin, to Lake Superior and back. This 500 mile trip accounts for the northern part of our bisection of the country. The larger southern trip will be in 2009.

We faced hot and cold weather, wet and dry. We rode many miles of gravel, and met a lot of great people. The nicest people we met were in Pittsville WI where we were given lunch. Please help us repay the favor by supporting Baums Mercantile.

We learned things like...
Where the hell is Pittsville? (the town motto)
Are teenagers impressed by hydrology?
Is a 99 cent poncho good enough?
What happens to a teenager when cell service fails?
How many gravel hills can you make a group ride up before they revolt?
If a piece of wood smacks a teenager in the face at 55mph, does she make a sound?


Thanks Everyone

That was an awesome trip! Too bad Ryan's little blow-out took him out of the tour.

Thanks everyone!