Day 9 - August 10, 2008 - Marshfield to New Lisbon - 71 miles

We surprised the owners of Baums Mercantile in Pittsville by fulfilling the promise we made on day 1 of our trip. We stopped by to visit. He thanked us and had his wife pack us each a nice meal. We sat in a yard nearby and enjoyed the best meals of the trip. After eating, we returned to do some shopping and donated some money towards a charity that the Baums were supporting via donation jars in the store. These were the nicest people you could ever meet, and I encourage you all to stop and say hi.

We took a slightly more direct road home from Pittsville, shaving a few miles. The road was in terrible shape, as if it has been through combat.......then we read the sign warning of the bombing range. Interesting....

Chuck demonstrates the indoor plumbing on his trike....using his camelback to refill his water bottle. Interesting......

The gatoraid Taters is drinking seems to be giving her some form of angelic powers.

The day was going perfectly....heavenly even. Then the sign threw everything I thought I knew into a tizzy. One mans hell is another mans pleasure I suppose.

With one rider missing, nearly 500 miles ridden, and memories aplenty, we arrived in New Lisbon.

A lot of people question the sanity and purpose of some of our trips, but I question theirs. We had the time of our lives, met some wonderful people, saw some wonderful places, and lived life to it's fullest for 9 days.

71 miles today (494 total)


Great Trek!

Chris, Your story telling was great. I truly enjoyed the photos and your comments from each day's adventures. I'm looking forward to your next adventure...keep on triking! jeano

What a Great Read and Viewing!!!

Great job Chris on this trip log. It was so entertaining, I couldn't stop to comment. The pictures are great, the writting is priceless. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

You all did really awesome, especially in doing no harm to the guy with the maps, when gravel became a torture.

I am so proud of you all. Sadly Roger couldn't join you on this trip, and Ryan had to stop. He is all healed, thank goodness.

So now, it's on to the GREAT MRT trip of 2009 for Katie, Chris, Laura, Chuck and Roger. Ages 15 to 55!!! Enjoy the ride!!!