Day 8 - August 9, 2008 - Medford to Marshfield - 45 miles

I have not had very many huge disappointments in my life. The list is short; the Packers loss in Superbowl XXXII, having my first bicycle stolen in 7th grade, and finding out that we arrived in a town called Colby Wisconsin and yet couldn't buy any cheese. Devastating.

We had to settle with some health food from the Plan-It Earth General Store. As it turns out, the snacks were great. We each had a different type of fruit chew or some form of mangled fruit. The owner was really nice, and the store was quite welcoming. If you pass through, stop and ask for some snacks.

We decided to try a gravel road today that ran parallel to the highway. Yeah, we never learn. Actually it was great. It was hard packed and almost as fast as blacktop. We averaged 16-17MPH for several miles, an excellent speed for gravel. When we hit 20mph I had to take a photo of the orange gravel flying past.

We got to the hotel quite early; it was only 5pm. After dropping our stuff off, I could see that Taters was quite tired. I told her "it is bed time". In a zombie trance, she nodded, grunted, and started getting ready for bed. A few minutes later she was nice and comfy and asked where we all were going. Dinner, I said. After a quick glance at the clock, my soul was pierced by her stare. A perfect photo op.

At least Taters is happy; cell phone service is reliable again. She gathered her electronics, sleeping pad, and blankets, and disappeared behind the bed. She was asleep almost instantly.

45 miles today (422 miles total)