Northern Tier - 2013

Chris, Laura, Roger, Katie, and Chuck will again brave the elements, their sanity, their strength of the muscle and character to finish the Northern Tier Adventure Cycling bicycle route through the eastern US to Bar Harbor, Maine. We will begin our journey as usual from the St.Clair residence in Central Wisconsin on Saturday, June 22, 2013. We hope to complete this adventure in approximately four weeks by dipping our tires in the Atlantic Ocean sometime in the end of July. We are guessing this portion of the trip to be about 1500 miles.

Our route will mostly follow the Adventure Cycling Association's Northern Tier maps; however, we will be making some alterations at the beginning by going across a ferry over Lake Michigan, into the state of Michigan and crossing into Canada. We have done this to accommodate a shorter schedule.

Our motto will continue: It is not about the destination, but the JOURNEY!