Day 19 Fair Haven NY to Pulaski NY - 46 miles (993 total)

Today's story is all about trying to stay cool while biking in the mid 80's and high humidity. Here are a few ways we attempted to get by...

Chris gives up and just stands in the cooler.

Roger eats a gigantic strawberry ice cream sundae.

I balance my cup of ice water on top of my head.

And Katie gets a slushy that is as big as she is.

Chris took this picture of his bike computer. Notice we are in 85 degrees and climbing an 11% grade hill! It also shows our average climb was 3%. It was a very hilly morning.

We were all very exhausted today! Too many days of staying on our bikes too long, getting in too late, and late starts in the morning are wearing on us. It was pouring rain this morning, so Chris let us sleep in for awhile. So after waiting for the rain to clear, we again got off to a late start this morning. We stopped in Fair Haven for breakfast on the way out of town. I had a great cinnamon roll and Katie enjoyed a HUGE muffin.

We were all too hot today, so we called it a short day because the next lodging options were a lot farther.

We did stop at a post office to send a few things home. It is amazing how the hills get one rethinking what is packed in their bags. I sent a few items home for the first time ever in about 8000 touring miles! We sent 6.5 pounds total back home.

We are doing laundry in the sink and hoping to get to bed much earlier this evening. Nighty Night all!