Day 27 - North Haverhill, NH to Conway - 61 miles (1,359 total)

First of all, Al gets what Al wants so this is why I am writing the post.


We got up this morning at 4:45 to try and beat the heat. Unsure of our destination plan for the day, we had some Lucky Charms and OJ to start us off. Chris and I have a rough time eating so early in the morning so we ate slow. We hit the road later than expected around 6:30, still not too bad. Leaving, we had to go up the steep driveway, even Roger walked his trike.

Right when we got back on route, we were already climbing the Lincoln Gap. 16 miles to the top, Ouch. That's a long time when you're going a whole four miles an hour (on the steep sections, that is). Surprisingly, we made it in just about three hours.

Break near the top of Lincoln.

We had lunch at the bottom of the Gap in the town of Lincoln at a cafe. I wasn't feeling well again, so Chris got two BLT sandwiches. We filled up our water and planned on getting as far up the Kancamagus Pass as we could.

We got just a couple miles up the pass and I started getting shaky again. As I was fueling up on Kool-Aid, Rog and Laura rode up to the campground we could see from where we stopped to see if they had openings. They did, but I said, I'm okay lets keep on going.

We stopped half way up Kan to cool of in the little river. It was cold.

We made it to the top, twelve miles in another three hours. We made it to the top before three o'clock. Roger seemed sad that we had no more passes left. (mostly kidding)

22 miles down Kan we made it to Conway. I am surprised and very happy that we made it 61 miles to get here. Considering, we almost stopped at 30 miles. I'm very proud of everyone today.

Oh and for all of you who want proof that I truly got chased by an angry horse... (from 2 days ago)


Something's not right

So, armed with Katie's statement that Al gets what Al wants, I told my boss I wanted a raise. Even though I used Katie as a reference, it failed. At least I got a blog written by Katie -- that's as good as a raise in pay.

Thanks, Katie

Aww, you made my day. Came home from work and immediately checked to see if the blog was updated. Not only was it updated, but my name was mentioned TWICE! (Okay, twice in the same sentence, but it still counts.) And just think, if you were still in Canada, you would have done a century ride today. One day, the USA will finally adapt the metric system (if we can people like Chris to be quiet).

I can understand where Rog is coming from ... the ride is more enjoyable when you can proudly proclaim that you conquered a long climb. Who wants to hear stories about flat rides? In fact, if it's all downhill from here, I may have to start reading someone else's blog. OR, perhaps you guys want to turn around and save Dee the hassle of picking you up.

I got a mention, I got a mention..........

Okay, so it was from Al, but it still counts. ;-)

Seriously, I am so proud of you all. I can't wait to see you all very soon. As for your comment Al, thanks but no thanks, I want to pick them up. That's my job as the road crew. Besides, Roger owes me some camping and fishing yet this summer and that won't happen if he bikes back. :-)

See you all soon!!!! Great job!!!!

Um Katie, don't irritate any more horses, and Laura, I'm happy you didn't have any encounters with moose this time, or did you?