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Day 27 - North Haverhill, NH to Conway - 61 miles (1,359 total)

First of all, Al gets what Al wants so this is why I am writing the post.


We got up this morning at 4:45 to try and beat the heat. Unsure of our destination plan for the day, we had some Lucky Charms and OJ to start us off. Chris and I have a rough time eating so early in the morning so we ate slow. We hit the road later than expected around 6:30, still not too bad. Leaving, we had to go up the steep driveway, even Roger walked his trike.

Day 15 - Rest Day in Fort Erie (746 miles total)

July 6, 2013

We woke up this morning in this nice, clean, yet crowded with bikes, motel room. I worried when I went to sleep last night that Chuck would step on me in the night in his venture to the WASHroom because I was sleeping at the foot of his bed, the only open floor space. But no, Chuck was courteous, Christopher kicked me. Other than that, excellent night of sleep.

Day 10 Yale MI to Marine City MI - 49 miles (495 miles total)

We woke up this morning at the Sweet Dreams Motel. This was defiantly the best night of sleep of the trip for me, and for Chris as well, he probably slept three hours. That's truly amazing. The group decided on another McDonald's breakfast, and since I knew this, I took precautionary measures. Last night when Chris and I went to the grocery store for dinner we also got Mint Oreos and milk. Chuck, Rog and Laura left for McDonald's and me and Chris had some cookies and milk and then met the group.

Day 08 - Midland MI to Vassar MI - 61 miles (390 miles total)

We woke up around 7 this morning with an overcast look in the sky. The Best Western had a wonderful breakfast, I even enjoyed some raisin bran mixed with fruit loops. Laura despised the fact that I would do something so awful her beloved cereal, but they ran out of raisin bran and I needed to fill the bowl. You think I'm weird? Chris put cream cheese and syrup on his scrambled eggs..

Katie's final thoughts..

I am still having this surreal feeling, I just can't believe that we made it. When we were in Glacier I had a hard time telling myself that we most likely weren't going to make it. I'm so happy to know that we are successful, mainly because this trip challenged us in so many ways, it sure was an amazing feat. I am so proud of this group, we never fought or argued really just kept pushing through till the end. Looking out at the ocean I just stared out thinking, I biked here? Wow. I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me through my fundraiser! Also I want to thank Al Lens for the Canadian coins and to tell Chuck that we missed you on this trip!! Lastly, I have never been away from home this long and I miss my family a lot! Love you guys!

Day 48: Concrete to Bay View, WA: 48 miles

We did it!

We started off today with a "fantastic" breakfast in the room, donuts, cereal, yogurt, same ol', same ol'. I have come to realise that the only thing that I have became really sick of on this trip is the food, there's just nothing great. I miss your cooking mom!!!!!!!

Day 44: July 27: Okanogan to Twisp WA: 34 miles

We got up around 7 o'clock and got ready and went downstairs to have breakfast at the Cariboo Inn's restaurant. We hit the road around 9:30.

The area looks like a desert.

Apple farms with nets. Others used noise makers that sounded like shooting.

Day 25: July 8: Shelby, MT to Cut Bank, MT: 24 miles.

Dear Mother Nature,

I enjoy your beauty, all around us. The trees, fields, rocks, the occasional flower (occasional anything in Montana really). Also, I try to keep you nice and tidy by picking up trash and I don't do anything wrong to you, anything, ever. So, I guess the question I'm getting to is, Why are you so mean to me? Why? I try to bike 20 measly miles from Shelby to Cut Bank and what do you do?, you make a 38 mile per hour wind in our faces. I want to bike to Glacier on the Going to the Sun Highway, what do you do?, you fill it with thirty feet snow drifts, in the middle of JULY! I mean seriously, think about it. You expect too much, way too much.

Day 5: June 18: Red Wing MN to Houlton WI: 52 miles

Long day...
Our days start was delayed as we went to check if we left anything and found that we were locked out of the room, the safety latch locked itself. The AmericInn called us later in the day and told us that we didn't leave anything in the room so that was good.
As the weather goes, not so great. We started out being very warm and then the weather changed immensely with in the next hour. It started to rain a lot and became chilly while we were going down the hills at about twenty miles per hour. I, along with everyone else, blame Chris for all of the hills because he decided to take the "amazing" MRT route, bad bad idea.

Be the Difference You Wish to See

Together we make a difference, each and every one of us. When I was in an bicycle accident, 4 years ago I experienced a life changing feeling that helped shape who I am today and who I forever will be.

I experienced a time where I felt like I couldn't do very much for myself and I really couldn't. My family and friends of the family were always by my side giving me the love and support I needed. I know I haven't thanked any one of them enough but I say it again now, thank you.

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