Day 5: June 18: Red Wing MN to Houlton WI: 52 miles

Long day...
Our days start was delayed as we went to check if we left anything and found that we were locked out of the room, the safety latch locked itself. The AmericInn called us later in the day and told us that we didn't leave anything in the room so that was good.
As the weather goes, not so great. We started out being very warm and then the weather changed immensely with in the next hour. It started to rain a lot and became chilly while we were going down the hills at about twenty miles per hour. I, along with everyone else, blame Chris for all of the hills because he decided to take the "amazing" MRT route, bad bad idea.

At about one o'clock we met with Sheri in Hastings, Minnesota for lunch at Green Mill. Sheri was very generous and brought Tj and I some snacks. She also drove behind us on a bridge that was under construction so the cars wouldn't come zooming by us. After Sheri left our next problem was the traffic. We had no clue where all of the traffic was going and we didn't really figure it out.

In Afton, we stopped at the Sail Away Cafe. The perfect place to stop. Laura and I had some fruit and the waitress (who was awesome!) there gave us some pastries to take with us. TJ was given the honor of carrying them, he failed. A few miles down the road the muffins and cakes started bouncing in puddles and were garbage, so that generous gift didn't make it very far. The waitress at the Cafe told us that there was one other small hill and the rest would be flat, we were so happy to hear that.

About eight miles after the Cafe we made it to Chuck and Amanda's house. They had dinner for us and nice beds for all of us. Chuck even gave us a ride to Walmart. I needed some handlebar tape because the rubber is well, gone. So when I shift it hurts because it is metal. Otherwise, we had a great night sleep.

52 miles (233 total)