Be the Difference You Wish to See

Together we make a difference, each and every one of us. When I was in an bicycle accident, 4 years ago I experienced a life changing feeling that helped shape who I am today and who I forever will be.

I experienced a time where I felt like I couldn't do very much for myself and I really couldn't. My family and friends of the family were always by my side giving me the love and support I needed. I know I haven't thanked any one of them enough but I say it again now, thank you.

I have learned that there are many cases where someone is hurt worse than I was. People also struggle with cancer, some that need extra support and that need to know that someone cares. I have chosen to raise money for Livestrong because they give money to those who need it and that provides assurance and guidance to those people as well.

I chose GIVE as well because they give back to the community numerous times during the year. They help anyone who needs it, providing food to hungry to donating to homeless shelters and many more things. My goal is to make a difference in the lives of others and inspire many that anyone can make a difference, in the smallest ways. Once again, thank you, everyone!