Day 44: July 27: Okanogan to Twisp WA: 34 miles

We got up around 7 o'clock and got ready and went downstairs to have breakfast at the Cariboo Inn's restaurant. We hit the road around 9:30.

The area looks like a desert.

Apple farms with nets. Others used noise makers that sounded like shooting.

All of us were just dreading today, the reason was Loup Loup pass. A motorist said that this pass was very steep. As usual we didn't exactly take what they said to be true, as motorist aren't very acurate. Sadly enough, they were correct. Most of the climb was between 6% to 8%, there were parts that even hit 9% and 10%. The climb from Okanogan to the sumit was 20 miles, our second longest climb and the steepest yet. Loup Loup's elevation was only 4,020 feet but we started at 900 feet. We did 3,500 feet of climbing overall today.

Loup Loup was harder than Sharman because my legs were already tired from the other mountain passes, it was steep, and I don't have as low of gearing as the others. And, I am not like TJ who is like a super-hero or something. Chris is trying to get TJ and I to carry some of his stuff for the next 2 days. He is offering us food and meals. No deals have been agreed upon yet. We only stopped twice during the 20 mile climb.

The climb did not always have the safest edges.

Chris liked the math problem signs, so he could try and keep focused.

Our 4th pass completed.

The sign on the top said downhill next 8 miles, 6% grade. On the way down Roger's brakes actually started steaming once. He put a little water on them and it boiled instantly. We came into Twisp and started looking for a hotel, we stopped at one with the cheapest room being 110 dollars, so we decided to keep looking. We stopped at the visitor's center and they recremended the Sportsman Motel.

The area had fake cattle guards painted on the roads.


Downhill, almost to the bottom.

For dinner me and Tj decided to go cheaper and just eat at the grocery store, which is getting very old. Tj couldn't find what he wanted, he ended up getting a family size salisbury steak for three dollars. Chris, Laura and Roger decided to go elsewhere, somewhere Tj and I couldn't exactly afford. They ate at a spicy Asian restaurant, they said it was very good but even extra mild was pretty spicy.

For tomorrow we are planning a shorter day again to Mazama so our trip to the top of Washington Pass won't be as long.

34 miles (1924 total)