Day 07 Harrison MI to Midland MI - 53 miles (329 total)

We had a lot to dry out after yesterday's rain! So much for getting to bed early for a quick start. The campground owners left the game room open for us to sleep in last night. We dried out as much as we could. Then this morning it was time to dry out and remove mud from our tents. We had plopped them in the laundry room to make sure they didn't blow away.

We had some chatting with the biking family that was also staying at the campground last night. They are on a two week trip with their three kids and grandma. It is pretty awesome to see, and the kids were so well behaved. They were up to take a picture and see us off for the morning. We even held them up from their breakfast.

We headed off for the morning about 10:30, not the start we were hoping for but the weather was looking nicer. We stopped in Farwell for a quick lunch. Then onto the Pere Marquette Rail Trail. It was a great trail, paved and flat. We were making great time.....and then (set change here) the clouds start rolling in and the rain began. A sprinkle at first then then more steady with lightening in the distance. We really tried to kick it in gear and made it to Midland as quickly as we could. We found a room at a hotel and emptied our things from our bags to try and dry out some more.

There were not many dinner choices, so we chose a more expensive buffet across the street so we could be close to the hotel. Good thing, because we were just arriving back at the hotel and the skies opened up again. We ended the night with a dip in the pool/hot tub, showers, and very soon off to sleep.