Day 06 - Temple to Harrison (Lake George) MI - 11 miles (318 total)

We packed up from Duggans Campground....needing to escape the bugs.

Rest day. We went just under twelve miles to find a better place to spend the day. We found an awesome campground. Pool. Store. Laundry. Monsoons.

Yeah. Monsoon. Here we laughed in the pool and lounged around, not knowing the rough times coming. Poor rog....if he only knew...... Of course rog got it worst and first. Tj warned me about tenting near roger.

Mid monsoon, I ran out of the pavilion to ask Rog how he was holding up. A river was going right at roger, and splitting to go around him. Rog said he was fine, so I went back to the pavilion. A few minutes later he started yelling for some hands. The water had went under his tent, and he needed to evacuate..... One by one, each of us lose our location to water and mud.

Anyway, we wanted to rest and head out early for a big day on rested knees. We are currently cleaning mud from our tents. Everyone is fine and laughing but wow....I will try to post a video at some point.

We have water mud and crud in all our tents and on some gear. It was amazing rain. 2-3 inches in an hour. The hill we were on liquified. Just awesome. We held out until maybe nine pm when rigs tent was flooded by a newly formed river. We evacuated him and the. The girls and chuck started taking on some water. I had planned to let them hide in a shelter and ride it out, but my higher ground turned to mud. I also gave in and we all slept in the camp office.

We met an amazing family yesterday. This is the first time we have ever met a group we have so much in common with. They are mid tour on the same route as us but with three kids. Two in trailer one on tagalong. Grandma rides along too! Awesome. They are on more of a camping and what our group calls a "survivor" trip. 25 miles per day max. They are looking for a rails trails for next year so we are going to show them the Elroy Sparta trail network. Nathan and Fay Mentzer and grandma Bonnie. They helped Rog forget his muddy troubles by giving him a beer.

Good luck Mentzers! You are sure making great memories....such a beautiful family.