Day 05 - Luther to Temple MI- 46 miles (265 total)

This is going to be a short entry today. Too tired from the heat, falling asleep.

We had breakfast at our cabin, and biked along rolling hillls all morning. It started cool and foggy. One of our riders is having a knee issue, so that was the focus today. We have tried some pedal and cleat adjustments, but the irritation is already present. We may need to take a rest day tomorrow to give it some time to calm down and recover, otherwise I fear that pushing the knee will result in the trip ending for one of us.

At Luther, we met a couple doing some serious touring like us. That is refreshing. Check out their blog!

We climbed out of Luthor while the weather started to really heat up. You should see the heat rash on Katies legs. Looks super fun. We had lunch in LeRoy at Mr Pib. It was really good food. Excellent. Katie had a loaded potato and applesauce; such a big spender. She just had a snack earlier of watermelon at a previous stop. Katie picked some up for Laura too.

The hills and heat and humidity were a bit much today. Laura and Rog seemed fine. I think I was the weak link on the team today. It didn't help that I had a stone stuck in my idler for many miles. I kept stopping and inspecting the bike. It sure seemed harder to pedal than I thought it should be. It was! Darn thing was stuck between the frame tube and the idler, and only rubbing hard on occasion....usually the hills.

100F over the road, 8% grade, 2mph. Whew.

After lunch we decided to shoot for camping at Temple or Lake George, depending on our energy. The heat zapped us good, Temple was about all we could handle and it was already 5pm when we got to Temple. We should have done the next 7.2 miles to Lake George, but were very tired. Here at the Duggans Campground, we are the only campers. The owner is a nice guy, and he just gave us the keys for the bathroom and asked us to lock the place up tomorrow when we leave. The price is a bit steep, and the skeeters are thick, but the facilities are nice. $40 for camping, another $10 for showers.

We walked about a billion miles to dinner at 40/8. The food The lady working was swamped and did the best she good. Very friendly. Deep fried goodness gut bomb dinners for all.

We spent as much time as we could finding shade today. Stupid me remembered to sunblock my face, arms, and legs. I forgot my neck. It is tomato red. Dumb. Rookie mistake that is going to cost me for days.

Drifting off to sleep now, with thunder in the background. Also, a constant buzz of 30 mosquitos on my screen. It reminds me of sleeping near the hum of the interstate. Now poor rog's alarm on his watch just reminded him to take his night meds.....which are on his bike. Haha rog.....better hope the mosquitos let you keep some of your blood.



Been fun 'following' your latest journey. I also read the blog of the cyclists you met on Day 5, it seems they think Chuck is a "friend" of Katie. Wonder if TJ is aware of this development. Chuck will likely catch onto why he keeps getting flat tires. Chris will probably, eventually, admit his guilt. Getting into Canada should be interesting for you guys. Not that I would know anything about it.

Great observations Al............

I agree with every point you make here. Getting into Canada will hopefully be easy for them all, except for Chris. He is a cagey looking character, isn't he. ;-)