Day 23 - Blue Ridge to Ticonderoga NY - 26 miles (1178 total)

Pictures later, sorry.

Today we are taking half of a rest day. We need to do some Laundry and our legs need some time to recharge.

So, we left our awesome campsite at Blue Ridge, but not until after taking a quick hike to see the waterfalls. Before leaving, Rob, Sheri, and Leah dropped off some fruit for us to have with our breakfast. Apples, Bananas, and Kiwi. The Apples were huge!

We continued going downhill quite a bit today for the first stretch. The traffic was pretty heavy because it is Sunday and people are heading home for the week, hauling their campers and boats. Even still, most of the roads were very safe due to the nice shoulders. Only on Highway 74 did we lose our shoulders and have to ride defensively. It went pretty well.

It was our third day in a row with a nagging headwind. Grrrr. It is often shielded by trees and hills, but it stinks having to go so slowly on the rare flat open stretches.

I believe we left the Adirondacks now. Thank goodness. They were beautiful, but tiresome on the legs. On come the Green (Vermont) and White Mountains (New Hampshire).

We got to Ti at around noon, just after a 1 mile 4% climb, and a 2 mile brake-melting 3% downhill.

With only 25 miles to "Ti", we decided to try and make it before lunch. This was maybe a mistake since we were all starving by the time we arrived.

We pulled in to the first lunch stop we passed. Subway. It was great! Afterwards we got a hotel next door and headed for the laundromat. After melting in the laundromat (and getting slushi's next door), we went to dinner at the Wagon Wheel (recommended by our camping neighbors last night). The food was great, but we drew the short straw on the waitress. We were planning dessert and are usually good tippers. Not today. It took an hour and a half to get a sandwich and a bill even though she only had 2 tables.

A quick stop for Cheesecake on the walk home, and we are getting ready for bed. I am not sure how restful our rest day was, since we walked a few miles and biked 25, but it felt good.

The mountains start tomorrow.



wow - 1178 miles already. I can't believe your trip is almost over. What has been the best part of the trip so far??

Pedal on everyone, pedal on :)

luv ya,
Donna/Aunt Donna