Packing and Preparing

What a way to start our 10th year of marriage! Chris and I will be celebrating our anniversary on June 21st. What better way to celebrate than take the best people we know on a bike trip with us.

We are down to the final week of packing our things and preparing ourselves for the bicycle trip. It seems like it should get easier since we have completed two other large trips. However this doesn't seem to be the case. Instead, the nerves, butterflies, and lists are happening just as in the past. Can we do this again? Will we make it this time? Is our equipment ready? Are we forgetting anything?

There is also excitement building in preparation for our next journey. This year we have gotten passports and will be visiting Canada (the country not the person hehehe) during our trip. We are also excited for the interesting and kind people we will meet along the way. In fact, I was just speaking to someone today about our upcoming journey and telling this person all about the nice people we meet along the way. This person asked if we ever run into people that give us problems. Amazingly this was a rare occurrence on our past journeys. It makes me thankful that there are still so many more good people than bad in the world.

As we set off into the countryside in hopes of reaching the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, we hope that our family and friends will again join us online to follow our journey and send us thoughts of encouragement along the way. This year the members of our group will be Chris, Laura, Roger, Katie, and Chuck. Chuck will be able to join us for about two weeks of the trip. Unfortunately, TJ will not be able to make the trip this year, although for a good reason (new job!!), we will all miss his energy and excitement on this adventure.

Please look for our posts to begin soon. We push off on Saturday, June 22nd! We wish for fun, wind at our backs, laughs, and most of all to enjoy the journey!