Packing is Hard

If you have never taken a trip like this, then you have no idea how hard it is to pack. I just spent 30 minutes deciding which shirts to pack. Once you leave the front door, you can't are stuck with your choices through thick and thin.

I even put 3 shirts in 3 stuff-sacks and had Laura pick one blindly based upon weight and compression. Sure enough, she picked the one I don't like wearing. But I don't have room for the others. Here are all the things to consider when packing a single warm shirt to wear.

This list is in order of importance to me.....notice Warmth is last and the entire point is to bring a warm shirt. Style didn't make the list....

Quick Drying
Easy cleaning
Pockets (zippered or not)

Don't get me started on socks. I will update this post with my complete packing list when I am done.