Day 21 - Boonville to Golden Beach Campground NY - 51 miles (1096 total)

We woke up at the Brown Barn to the sound of some very early morning birds in a very dense fog. Everything was pretty soaked. We made breakfast in the barn with Eric. We had picked up some eggs and boiled them the night before.

We let our tents dry in the breeze for a bit, and did not leave early at all.

The day started with hills, followed by some hills. Afterwards we got some more hills. We had nice conversations on the long and slow climbs. In one round, we discussed whether our legs felt more like Jello or Pudding. I still insist it is pudding, the home made type, with the skin on top. The conversation had to stop when we realized it was making us hungry and making us consider eating our fellow riders. Moose road will not be remembered as flat.....that is for sure.

Log balancing on rock....

After maybe 15 or 400 miles, we turned off Moose road and onto a lot easier riding highway.

When we made it to Old Forge, we had lunch at the The Muffin Patch. I did not like my sandwich, but most everyone liked their food. It was a lot of money for just a little bit of food.

We turned off the highway onto a very busy side road. Fortunately, a semi driver was trying to turn around, and fully blocked an intersection for enough time for us to go many miles traffic-free. This is the first time in New York that we have had the pleasure of riding on the road without the constant noise and hassle of traffic.

Soon we stumbled into the town of Inlet. Of course, Katie needed to Pee. This is something she has done in every town across the country. We went towards the bike shop, since many places around don't allow even paying customers access to their bathrooms. Nope. Not even Pedals and Petals would let cross-country cyclists use their restroom. Sad. The grocery store said no as well. We tried again, nope. Finally, we tried The Screamen Eagle restaurant. We no sooner had 1 step into the door and two employees had pointed towards the restroom. When we got out, we purchased everything we needed from them. Very nice staff.

Gluten Free stuff is everywhere here in New York.

Apparently it is a health inspection or licensing thing, that most businesses don't have restrooms for the public. Still, it is lame. It makes us miss Wisconsin.

Lots of these signs. They are not kidding. Some patches were falling apart. Gravel would have been a huge improvement over 6 inch deep holes and trenches.

When traveling 25mph down a hill today, a car was passing me just as a deer jumped out of the darkness with his nose to the white line. He stopped dead, and then studder-stepped into the road as I hit the brakes and was yelling at him. With a car on my left, and a ditch and deer on my right, all I could do was jam the brakes and yell. The deer darted back into the woods when I was down to within 6 feet of him. I had my speed down to 15 by then, but was hopping and skidding on the gravely shoulder. Exciting! We almost had Venison for dinner (or maybe the deer family almost had trike for dinner).

We all laughed at this. You are supposed to keep this turn under 50mph, even though the limit is 45.

We finally arrived at Golden Beach Campground, and immediately were directed to a free campsite, already paid for by another camper. Awesome. It was right by the showers too, which is awesome considering we had passed some of the sites a mile back. Five minutes later, our luck gets even better. We got to meet Jay, who joined us for camping. He was also touring on a recumbent (grasshopper). We sure had a lot in common with Jay, except that he cooks a lot better. It was great meeting you Jay!!!! Good luck on your tour (going the other way).

Doing dishes. The girls will usually do the dishes if I cook. It works for me, I would rather cook. Rog helps with both. Mostly I think he just wants his food quicker. :)

By the end of the day we had climbed 2500 feet, had tons of traffic, and some pretty rough roads. The roads here have great shoulders, but they are in pretty bad shape. It was a beautiful ride though. Great weather. You can't ask for much more!


It's not just Canada

I'm kind of glad that you are getting similar treatment in the States as you did in Canada with respect to washrooms (restrooms ... whatever). In the western provinces, we have plentiful washrooms available to the public. Virtually any gas station, and of course, fast food places.

Glad to hear you had some good luck after almost pulverizing the deer. That must have got your heart pumping!