Day 02 - Montello to Pipe WI - 66 miles (125 total)

Long. That is the only way I can describe this day. The weather was excellent. A tailwind, sunny, hot, beautiful. This was the warmest day of the year so far, and we were not adjusted to it yet. Otherwise it was perfect.

We left the Motello hotel and had to cover a lot of miles to hit our goal. Coming up short was the expectation. After only a few miles, Katie started to feel sick. She was overheated, and with an upset stomach. We checked her blood pressure and gave her plenty of sugar. After a few minutes, she was good to go.

We just got going and damn....Chuck had a flat. We patched it up and hit the road. After a few hundred yards.....damn, flat again. The patch didn't hold.

Katie and Chuck struggled quite a bit with the heat, but they powered through. The long hours in the sun and the heat eventually got to all of us.

Eventually we got to FonDuLac late in the day, and decided for a quick KFC stop and to push for the campground.

We arrived at the campground just at dusk, after zipping up highway 151 racing against the sunset.

Riding until dusk is sure exhausting. Lucky for us we got some cool shower and enjoy a night in a really nice campground. No mosquitoes to be found. Awesome. I apologize to Peanut the dog. I really wasn't serious about eating you.