Day 03 - Pipe WI to Ludington MI- 49 miles (174 total)

Today was a race against the clock. We really wanted to get to Manitowoc before 1pm to make the ferry. The next ferry wasn't until 1am. The four hour boat ride would not be fun that late! Exhausted from the day before, we needed to cover 45 miles. At 5am the birds were up, so I figured we should be too. Sorry girls.

We left for a quick gas station breakfast, and damn, another tire issue for Chuck. It wasn't until 7:10 that we were back on the road. That sucked! It wasn't looking terribly likely that we make the ferry. That is 1 flat for Chris. Three for Chuck, one each day. The wind was at our backs however, so we still gave it a shot.

At the halfway point, we were on pace to be 20 minutes late for the ferry. We picked up the pace as best we could. The wind, traffic, and road conditions all joined us to help.

We were all bit surprised, but we made it to town 45 minutes early, after being so far behind. We had time for a quick bite. Katies sandwich looked amazing.

Then Katie destroyed the sandwich, and asked me if I wanted to finish it. Errrrr, no.


Then we hopped on the ferry for a 4 hour ride, a 4 hour ride.

We even watched a movie. This feels like cheating.

We called ahead from the ferry to get a hotel booked in Ludington. We want a free breakfast, and with the quantity this group can eat, it is wroth it! The room is almost free! We ordered Pizza Hut from the hotel since it was already almost 8pm eastern time when we got checked in. The bikes were kindly allowed to be stored in a janitor storage in the hotel! We are now finishing Laundry, showering, and going to bed. Whew, tired.

And lastly, a picture for one of our followers. She knows who she is. See, a sanitary clicker! Clean enough to eat off of.