Day 11 - Marine City MI to Clearville City Park - 105 Kilometers (901 km total)

We left the Anchor inn, which turned out to be an pretty decent. We withheld our entry into Canada for a quick stop for Breakfast. We were concerned that Canada didn't offer such a thing, so we figured we should eat first. More on Canadas shortcomings later.....

Biking down the St.Clair River. It is VERY blue! Awesome.

May flies ("Fishing Flies" here) at breakfast.

After a very nice breakfast, where a few other touring cyclists stopped with us, we headed for the ferry. On the ferry, the gentleman running the show was kinda grumpy. We seemed to be inconveniencing him by wanting a ride. He asked for $5 for the five bikes, and he had no change (even though people had been riding all day). A nice woman walked up and paid our $5 tab with one of Canadas colorful five loony bills. All she asked for in return was a postcard from the end of our trip. One point for Canada.

When unloading from the Bluewater Ferry, the border inspection began. Laura was questioned first. A straight faced woman asked her about our agenda, employment status, and what we had packed. "Do you have only clothes packed?" Yes.....says Laura. Technically we had a few other things, but I suppose 90% of our stuff is clothes.

Then the inspector turned to Roger and his dog spray. She inspected it closely and handed it back to him. We were approved entrance into the great northern unknown.

I believe Laura and Katie had an apple in their pack. Is fresh produce allowed? Are they now felons? They didn't ask, so I suppose we are fine.

Our first roads into Canada were wonderful. No shoulders, but the traffic is very slow, and ridiculously polite. It reminds us of Iowa. One more point for Canada. The road signs are slightly different, and the road paint seems to be an afterthought, sporadically.

What the heck is this? km/h?

Beautiful area.

We stopped for lunch at a little restaurant. I ordered turkey and Swiss and couldn't eat it. This wasn't good enough to be called fake cheese. That takes a point away Canada, sorry. That was not cheese.

401 East London. WTF?

Our biggest obstacle today was restrooms.....errr....."washrooms". You can't ask for a restroom here. You get blank stares from many. Also, most businesses don't have public restrooms. Even if you are a paying customer at a grocery store, you will not be allowed to use their restroom. They will point you to some park somewhere that has a port-a-potty. Seems rude to me. Every business in Wisconsin has public restrooms. Sorry Canada, that costs you another point.

Many signs are in English and French. This one is too. Stop is spelled the same in French, only 3x the normal size.

Lots of historical plaques along the road about all sorts of past peoples....some seemed less important than others.

At some point we stopped at a neat circular barn turned into an ice cream shop. That was pretty slick.

We stopped for the night after a long day of headwinds. The Clearville City park is pretty nice, especially since the town has a dozen people in it. The campground has hundreds. Rog and I wondered around the place for several minutes trying to find an open site. Everything was packed with seasonal campers. I got a bit lost once and stopped to ask for advice and landed a some Parmesan encrusted fresh perch. Another point for Canada. We eventually got what seemed to be the only site left, a nice site next to some nice people who gave Roger some cookies. Point!

I sure wish we could pitch our tents right by the lake.

Canada finishes the day up 2 points. Not bad!

65 miles (560 miles total)


French is not your language

I don't know why you think STOP is the same in English as it is in French. If you see "arrêt" on a sign -- you should stop. That's how the French think "stop" is spelled. Fortunately, the shape of the sign will be the same, and so will the colours (yes, there's a 'u' in colour). Just want you to stay safe. Oh, there are traffic lights in French areas, too -- the colours there mean the same thing as they do in English.