Day 12 - Clearville to Port Burwell - 64 miles (624 miles total)

Now with pictures!

We packed up from our neato campsite, and headed for the flats from yesterday....except it was hills. What happened? The hills were not bad. Nice and small, but the wind was still from the east. The locals say it is unusual, but yet it seems the norm for us.

Rog shaves at camp. Gatta look good....

Still no public washrooms. WTF? The Canadians are a bit stingy with the facilities! We did not get any Canadian currency and are using mostly Roger and Chucks Visa card. The Discover Laura and I carry is mostly useless. We have spent US currently on occasion, but only when the exchange rate given to us isn't terrible. One place charges us 20% even though the US Dollar is currently worth 5% more. The exchange should be in our favor. A few places have handled it 1 to 1.

Why is there gravy on my french fries? We are in a whole new world here....

We met three girls heading West on a post college journey. Sarah already knew them somehow. We will have to try and find their blog. Maybe Sarah has it on her site.

We stopped for some fresh strawberries at a local farm, and took quite a few breaks today.

We hit our first hill that Laura has had to walk this trip. It was about 14% grade, for maybe 50 yards, and 10% for another 50 yards. A bit too steep for anyone to enjoy.

We passed a lot of crops many of us had not seen before. Tobacco, asparagus, and others. We also learned that Ontario labels all the turns that have roads intersecting them. Some are quite specific.

So, after a long day we call a "lodge" in Burwell. Big mistake. We did not investigate the rooms close enough. Filthy. Not even a shower in the bathroom. The shower was shared. I would be fine with that, except it was also filthy. The manager couldn't even be bothered to exchange the used towels in our bathroom for new ones. What a jerk. That costs Canada a point from yesterday.

We are also not terribly impressed with the smoking. A few times we have walked into a business to be met with smoking. Usually the person is on the way outside, but everyone seems to smoke here. The lodge just reeks, as do many businesses. Gross. Another point off of Canada.

We had a nice dinner at a neat little place with at giant submarine in the back yard. Not sure how we didn't notice that right away. The submarine was the 2nd most odd thing at dinner....the waitress asked us if we wanted vinegar on our french fries. That almost costs Canada another point.

We had smoothies at a little shop in town, which was awkward. I did not get the impression that the guy wanted customers. We then did Laundry at a place next to the hotel. The owner kindly waited for us to finish, although he was going to lock us out and away from our laundry if we didn't sit there. He did say we could camp in his yard if we wanted....too bad we had already paid for the hotel.

To be honest, our Canada experience today was frustrating. Katie at one point said she wanted to be back in the USA. We met a lot of rude people, and several businesses that were crummy. Tomorrow will be better. Has to be. We have bad days in the USA too.....but never two in a row. Hear that Canada!??!? Prove to us that you don't suck.

Off to sleep in our cigarette filled, filthy, hot and humid hotel room.....while the employees sit around drinking and not being bothered by the customers.