Day 09 Vassar MI to Yale MI - 56 miles (446 total)

HEADWIND...need I say any more. We were doing so well with Mother Nature and now she has decided to show us who is truly boss. The soaking rain at the campground and now two days of almost all headwinds...enough Mother Nature, we get it already! We had beautiful weather otherwise today, no rain and lots of sun.

We started the day with breakfast in Vassar at McDonald's. Thankfully we got there early enough. About the time church was getting out, we were finishing our food and leaving just as the crowd came in. Chris ate 1300 calories for breakfast and still left the place hungry!

We had a quick few miles to the next town where we were able to catch a bike trail. The Southern Links Trailway was a very nice paved trail connecting three towns together. It was mostly flat and very smooth, a nice ride.

On the trail, Katie found an apple tree with small green apples. She decided to fill her fanny pack with these apples and spent the rest of the morning pelting the rest of us with them.

We stopped for lunch in North Branch at the North Branch Bar and Grill. I had an excellent vege burger.

At Brown City we called ahead to book a room in Yale. About this time I was feeling tired for the first time this trip. Not only was I feeling tired, but Chris took the lead to help block the wind for the group. I think the poor sleep last night along with the headwinds finally caught up to me. Somehow, I know Chris is going to let this go to his head!

We arrived in Yale at dinnertime and quickly checked into our rooms at the Sweet Dreams Motel. The rooms are very nice and clean. The owner did not have a room big enough for all of us, but was kind enough to give us a deal on two smaller rooms.

Our groups split for dinner the first time this trip. Chris and Katie went to the grocery store, and the rest of us had A&W. Now we are in our rooms showering up and getting ready for bed. I know I'll be dreaming of less wind tomorrow, but the forecast is not looking good.

On a final sad note today, we heard about a tandem group (which we did not meet but heard about through the grapevine) who were in a bicycle-car accident. They passed us at some point and are going a lot faster. In Canada they were hit by a car (details unknown at this point). The duo is raising money for the YMCA, and they plan to continue their journey to Bar Harbor, Maine as soon as they can. I found this site with a link on the June 23 post to a "track my tour" page. On today's log is a single picture of one of the guys strapped up in the ambulance. Best of luck on a speedy recovery to our fellow bicycle travelers!


I ate almost 6,000 calories

I ate almost 6,000 calories today. Still feel hungry.

Katie and I bought way too much food at the grocery store. A gallon of drinks, a few pounds of grapes, a quarter watermelon, chicken wings, mac-n-cheese, 2 pounds of oreos, etc. Standard dinner.