Day 5 - August 6, 2008 - Glidden to Ashland - 42 miles

For a town that sees a lot of cycling tourists, I would have expected better service at restaurants? Have my fellow cyclists not been tipping well? The Bruin restaurant took over an hour to get us eggs. We were almost going to leave when they finally brought out our breakfast. Lucky for them, I have a soft spot for unique signs. All is forgiven.

Today we couldn't avoid the busy highway. The state cycling maps recommend this route, while the logging trucks recommend that you eat plenty of pine chunks as you ride. As I followed, Taters actually got hit by a chunk-o-tree which I then caught. Cat-like reflexes indeed. See that Coach Johnstead? Give me a B in gym class.......hah!

We crossed the Wisconsin Great Divide. Rainfall north of the divide goes to the great lakes and the Atlantic, rainfall south of the divide goes to the Mississippi River and to the Gulf of Mexico. Taters failed to capture the enthusiasm that this hydrology is entitled to. Teenagers.......I will ride on with the optimism that she will be interested on our ride home.

We passed the Chequamegon-Nicolet National log trucks continually rolled past. The roadside was littered with shredded forest carcasses. Is this tree roadkill?

As we roll through Ashland, we can see Lake Superior. It would have been nice to find a more open body of water to dip our tires, but we are behind schedule. We found a nice pier and absorbed the triumph.

Chuck dips his tire in Lake Superior.

Katie dips her tire in Lake Superior.

Laura dips her tire in Lake Superior.

Chris dips his tire in Lake Superior, then wishes he had a reverse gear...

We made it!

42 miles today, 250 total