Day 3 - August 4, 2008 - Abbotsford to Phillips - 66 miles

Today was a special day for us. A few miles into the day Taters hit her 1000'th touring mile. There are not too many 14-year olds who tour, and even less that would continue after her cycling accident.

To celebrate, we stopped for a snack at The Uncommon Ground in Medford. Amazing food. Great people. If you die before trying some of their deserts, you have not lived.

We decided to try the Pine Lane bike trail. It started out okay, but slowly degraded with each mile. We bailed on the trail eventually, crossing it later we noticed it was entirely grass. Whew.

Westboro was a classic Wisconsin town with several tiny bars. We stopped at the one that looked open and asked for burgers. What we received was no mortals burger and is not something any human should digest. The people were great, the burgers were huge, the price was cheap, but the flavor was lacking....typical Wisconsin bar burger. It should have come with a side order of Lipitor. Katie finished hers, and has not eaten beef since.

In Ogema we stopped for gas. It was $3.85 per gallon, so we got rootbeer instead at $3.75 per gallon.

We passed through Prentice, WI and stopped at a small candy store. They had large bags of pie filling, which Chuck considered using to fill his Camelback.

Let me give some advice to you Schwans drivers out there....if you pass a group of heavily laden cyclists on a hot day.....STOP. In just a few stops you will be able to put your kids through college. We touring cyclists are hot, hungry, and we don't care what it will cost. Why don't they ever stop?

In Phillips we got a hotel, did some laundry, cranked the AC. The boys relaxed while the girls shivered.

66 miles today, 170 total