Day 1 - August 2, 2008 - New Lisbon to Marshfield - 73 miles

We left New Lisbon bright and early; the morning was far cooler than we had expected. A few miles into our ride and Katie was captured digitally with her helmet in her mouth and her arm trying to put her foot up. Nobody wanted to stop moving due to mosquitoes which seemed to handle the cold just fine.

As the sun burns the fog off, the temperature finally begins to climb into the 50s.

Laura and her Longbike are ready to roll. We were actually stopping because Ryan was stretching. He had been experiencing some strange pain in his abdomen. After some stretching he said he was ready to go.

Ryan signals the 50 mile mark. This was the first half century for Ryan, Katie, and Laura. They had done many 40+ mile days before, in far hillier terrain, so after a short break we hit the road.

In Pittsville, Chuck gets a speeding ticket for doing 45 in a school zone. Actually, he was returning a wallet he found on the highway. A few days later we received word that the owner had seen us riding, and thanked us for returning it.

In Pittsville, a local shop owner gave us this bumper sticker. Where the Hell is Pittsville Anyway? He invited us to his store for food, but we had just eaten. We assured him that we would visit on our trip back through in a week. More on this shop owner on day 9.

Even after a long day, Chuck refused to let an upwronger pass him. To make it worse, this upright rider is passing him with a kids trailer! I couldn't believe how fast this guy was, then I realized his trailer was motorized......

We stopped for the night in Marshfield, at the Super 8. We were a bit too tired to search for some local cuisine, so we settled with Pizza Hut. At least the tables were clean enough to nap on.....