Excitement and Nerves - June 8, 2009

The school year has ended leaving us two weeks to get ready. The excitement and nerves are starting to kick in! I hope our group has fun and meets many new exciting people along the way.

To begin, our goal is New Orleans (touching the Gulf of Mexico) as an initial destination. We are planning to use this site to keep family and friends updated on our progress. Check in every few days for pictures, comments, and update on our trip. I look forward to seeing everyone again in August and sharing our fun!


pedal peddle

Ok - teacher

how exactly do you spell pedal/peddle/peddling???

smart wife

Hey Laura,

I guess Chris should have had heat gear on his packing list like his
smart wife did. Like I said Goddaughter - show those guys how it's done.

I was telling the ladies I work with about your trip. They think it
is truely amazing. Even more amazing that you and a 15 year old
are on the trip.

Peddle on Ladies!!!

Your heat gear........

How's your new heat gear working? If really good, Cabala's has Heat Gear. There is a Cabala's 2 miles north of Prairie du Chien on hwy 35. I called the store. They have them in stock, but they also have a Distribution Center right behind the store. If a size is not in stock, they can check the Distribution Center really fast.

In case the others want to try some. If this heat continues, they may all need some.

Hope you all had a very productive day today. I did, I mowed. Yaaaa, that's done.

Love, Mom

It is interesting that you

It is interesting that you posted this. We had already planned on stopping for some riding clothes when we got to Prarie du Chien. We found Cabalas, got some new gear, and then read this. Great minds think alike.

FYI, laura loves the headband tom sent.

You mowed? We usually only mow every 2 weeks!


I'm glad that the headband is being used. I hope it helps. Keep cool!

Great minds think alike?

If so, you would know I did MY yard. You did yours before you left. Medic!!! Check the man for heat effects.

In about 2 weeks, I'll do yours, silly.

Great minds, ha, Roger just wanted to go shopping.

Glad you all have clothes now to help you with this heat.