Day 29: July 18: Vicksburg to Port Gibson MS: More info

Pictures to be posted later..........

We slept in until 7 and had a decent breakfast at the hotel. We landed up getting the last 2 rooms that the hotel had, and we were short on beds so Chuck and Taters took the floor. Before leaving we booked a room at a B&B in Port Gibson. I explained to them that we were sight seeing on bicycle, and would not arrive until later. We were told the price and reserved the room.

The MRT route through Vicksburg is confusing and possibly marked wrong. We ended up doing a huge circle....very frustrating.

Fisher Ferry road out of Vicksburg is hilly, no shoulder, and insane traffic. This road should NOT be part of a bike route, it is VERY dangerous. Eventually it does become a nice road however; we enjoyed it after the traffic disappeared.

If you check our GPS file, notice the HUGE stupid circle we rode. We all knew we were almost back to where we started, but that is what the route said. Dang.

Our legs were still a bit tired from arriving late from our 112 mile day yesterday, so the hills were not climbed quickly.

We then hopped on the Natchez Trace Parkway. This part of the trail is perfect; it has smooth roads, low traffic, nice rolling hills, and interesting stops along the way. Stock up on supplies first however because it is nice and quiet.

We stopped at Rocky Springs and learned about a town of 2600 people that no longer exists.

We arrived at Port Gibson and easily found the Bernheimer House B&B. Upon arrival at 5pm, the staff informed us that they were charging us a $45 fee for arriving so late. I complained however, and a phone call to the owner had the fee removed. That is a really mean thing to do to not believe their advertised rates.

After making peace with the staff, they were very friendly and the place is really nice. I can whole-heartedly recommend the Bernheimer House B&B, however I still suggest you do not trust their advertised prices. I have never heard of a 5pm check-in being charged $45 extra.

The room is really nice and the building is amazing. Breakfast a 8! We have stayed at B&B before, but they have yet to include breakfast so we are all a bit excited.

Good Night.

49 miles (1419 miles total)

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Almost there

When you guys get to Louisianna check out the shrimp. Laura must report back on how good it is. Please.....We all know Laura hates shrimp. Love you all,,,,see ya soon Mom