My Packing List.

Here is my fairly standard packing list. Am I missing something?

** 1 railrider shirt
** 1 railrider pants
1 short sleeve shirt
1 t-shirt
2 pairs shorts/swimming-trunks
3 pairs socks
3 underwear
biking shoes
walking shoes (sometimes sandals)
Baseball cap
*rain jacket
Balaclava / gloves

**Tent (3 lbs) (trying new cheapo $20 tent instead of hammock)
Sleeping pad, Blanket, & Inflatable Pillow
Stove/Fuel (chuck has it)
Pot/Pan, Mess kit & silverware (Laura has it)
Enough food for a full day in an emergency.
pocket knife & Scissors (chuck has it)
**mini travel towel

Camera / Charger / Batteries / Extra Memory
Laptop / Charger (huge, need a netbook)
Phone / Charger (Roger & Katie carry them)

Toothbrush / paste / floss
Deodorant / Shampoo
Shower kit (basically alcohol wipes in case of lack of showers)
* Shaving Razor
Ear Plugs
Sunblock (Laura and Roger have it)
Sunglasses / Contacts
* Bug Spray (Roger has it)

First Aid Kit (Laura has it)
Maps (paper and digital)
Security Cable, padlock, disk brake lock, keys
Book (not sure which one yet)
** Map Holder
** Blisters Game

Duct Tape, zip ties, nylon strap
Electrical tape (chuck has it)
Multi-tool, Spoke wrench, tire levers
spare tube, spare tire
Tube patch kit, Tire patch kit
Spare screws/nuts/bolts
Tire Pump
Chain Lube
Paper towels

Arkel RT60 Panniers, Trunk bag
2 saddle bags hidden underneath for tools and heavy stuff
Fastback framepack, fanniepack (NorBack FramePack is bigger, i will get one for the next trip)
3 liter camelback with bladder and bags for pump, tube, and tire related tools.
headlight / taillight
flag / helmet / SMV triangle
2 water bottles / cages

MRT Book (book specific to this route)
I am starting out with ingredients for Chili and pancakes. Wahoo.

* Packed Last, only if there is room
** This is the first time trying this gear



you forgot some type of pant. what are you guys going to do if it get cold enought for pants?????


pants are included

Hey Pam,
Pants are included. See at the top of his list, Railrider pants? Those are what they are taking. Remember, they are heading south, in June/July. Those long pants are to protect from possible sun burns & bugs. They should all have 1 pair of long pants for that reason. Roger, Katie & Chris have for sure, I assume Laura does too. Chuck wears shorts almost ALL the time, but may have some packed too.

Next time, log in, and you won't come up as Flat Tire.

They are all prepared (as much as possible) for this trip. They are all about 95% packed, waiting on last minute items to go in.

I wish them a Spectacular Adventure.

Chuck's pants

I want to confirm that even Chuck is bring pants. I just finished hemming them for him.

Chucks pants...........

Thanks Amanda. I was hoping he would bring pants. Now let's just hope he wears them, there are laws about that kind of thing. We know Chuck, he prefers his shorts.

First Aid & rambling

Hey Chris! This is exciting...can I put a link to this on my blog? This is something Tom and I would LOVE to do. We really wanted to go bike camping this summer and then little Stella came along...maybe in a couple of years.
The mother in me says you are missing a first aid kit. Arnica gel works wonders for bruises, Calendula/Hypericum gell works wonders for cuts & scrapes. Band aids, gauze pads, ace bandage, etc... I'm sure you're a very safe rider, but it never hurts to prepare for the worst. Do you ride with gloves?
Some mini scissors are useful. Quinoa is very nutritious, containing all 23 essential amino acids and very high in calcium...It's like couscous, but more nutritious and just as easy to cook. Just a thought.
Have you ever had Emergen-C? We like the Super Orange flavor...good for keeping up your immunity and they come in easy to pack little packets.
We'll check in's fun to live vicariously through you...thanks dadtom for the link :-)
hhmmnn...they're identifying me as unidentified flat tire...this is Laura do I get identified???

figured it out

Okay, so I had to register first :-) Now we won't be labeled flat tires! Have a great trip we'll be thinking about you...when do you have to be back?...September? HAVE FUN!!!

First Aid

Great to hear from you!

I mostly-fixed the flat-tire label on your last post.

We have a couple first aid kids, carried by other riders. I will add it to the list to clarify. Laura and Chuck are responsible for the first aid kits. I do have gloves, but I usually do not use them. The girls probably should have gloves since they are more apt to spill on 2 wheels. Chuck has a scissors.

I will have to look into Quinoa. Actually, I changed my packed meal. I am now planning on bringing chili fixings and pancake ingredients.

We are limited by the vacation time of our employed riders......5 weeks-ish.

It is great to have people tracking us. It will encourage me to post updates.

We have had a few people ask us to take a shorter trip next year (so they could come along). We might just have to do that with an open invitation to everyone.


Chris, I have Quinoa here. Check it out when you & Laura come to sew the sleeping bag liners.

You have duct tape, so your

You have duct tape, so your covered for all emergencies.

10 ft

I only have about 10 ft of duct tape. Is that enough for all emergencies?


Unless that is 10 foot a day of duct tape, then maybe.

Did you forget something?

You aren't bringing a telephone? Hope someone has one in case of emergency...your computer won't help much.

Not to worry Jean

Hey Jean,
No worry about cell phones. Between Chuck, Roger & Katie they are covered.

Cell phone

There are phones on some of the others packing lists. I don't own a cell phone. Yeah, I am the last person on earth to not own a cell phone.