Day 13 - Port Burwell to Peacock Point Ontario Canada - 56 miles (680 miles total)

July 4th, 2013.

Is 13 an unlucky number in Canada? Does Canada celebrate the independence of the USA? Can Al sleep now that I have posted?

A little secret inside our group is a game called "Bright Side". Anytime someone is, lets call it "grumpy"...or things are not going the best. You can point at someone and say "bright side". That person has to respond with something positive about what just happened. Roger did that this morning when checking out of our flea-bag motel. The bikes were still there! Good point rog!

Day 12 - Clearville to Port Burwell - 64 miles (624 miles total)

Now with pictures!

We packed up from our neato campsite, and headed for the flats from yesterday....except it was hills. What happened? The hills were not bad. Nice and small, but the wind was still from the east. The locals say it is unusual, but yet it seems the norm for us.

Rog shaves at camp. Gatta look good....

Day 11 - Marine City MI to Clearville City Park - 105 Kilometers (901 km total)

We left the Anchor inn, which turned out to be an pretty decent. We withheld our entry into Canada for a quick stop for Breakfast. We were concerned that Canada didn't offer such a thing, so we figured we should eat first. More on Canadas shortcomings later.....

Biking down the St.Clair River. It is VERY blue! Awesome.

May flies ("Fishing Flies" here) at breakfast.

Day 12.................

Today they did another 65 miles and are in Port Burwell, Ontario, CA. They are getting closer to Niagara Falls. That means I will be heading out soon to meet them, see the FALLS, YAY..........and bring Chuck home. Now to figure out if our GPS will work in Canada or if I have to do it the old fashioned way, mapping. We shall see pretty soon. Wish me luck.

Day 11............

They crossed in Canada today and are now in Clearview, Onterio, CA. They did 65 or 66 miles today. They will post when they can. They had veeeeeery poor cell reception tonight.

Day 10 Yale MI to Marine City MI - 49 miles (495 miles total)

We woke up this morning at the Sweet Dreams Motel. This was defiantly the best night of sleep of the trip for me, and for Chris as well, he probably slept three hours. That's truly amazing. The group decided on another McDonald's breakfast, and since I knew this, I took precautionary measures. Last night when Chris and I went to the grocery store for dinner we also got Mint Oreos and milk. Chuck, Rog and Laura left for McDonald's and me and Chris had some cookies and milk and then met the group.


A few people have contacted me to let me know that the password reset feature is not emailing them like it says it should. Sorry about that. If you want your password reset, just drop me an email.

Thanks for following us.

Day 09 Vassar MI to Yale MI - 56 miles (446 total)

HEADWIND...need I say any more. We were doing so well with Mother Nature and now she has decided to show us who is truly boss. The soaking rain at the campground and now two days of almost all headwinds...enough Mother Nature, we get it already! We had beautiful weather otherwise today, no rain and lots of sun.

We started the day with breakfast in Vassar at McDonald's. Thankfully we got there early enough. About the time church was getting out, we were finishing our food and leaving just as the crowd came in. Chris ate 1300 calories for breakfast and still left the place hungry!

Day 08 - Midland MI to Vassar MI - 61 miles (390 miles total)

We woke up around 7 this morning with an overcast look in the sky. The Best Western had a wonderful breakfast, I even enjoyed some raisin bran mixed with fruit loops. Laura despised the fact that I would do something so awful her beloved cereal, but they ran out of raisin bran and I needed to fill the bowl. You think I'm weird? Chris put cream cheese and syrup on his scrambled eggs..

Day 07 Harrison MI to Midland MI - 53 miles (329 total)

We had a lot to dry out after yesterday's rain! So much for getting to bed early for a quick start. The campground owners left the game room open for us to sleep in last night. We dried out as much as we could. Then this morning it was time to dry out and remove mud from our tents. We had plopped them in the laundry room to make sure they didn't blow away.

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