Day 38: July 22: Newport, WA to Ione, WA: 53 miles: Total so far is 1723:

The server is pretty much gone folks, unless/until Chuck can work some magic. So I will post here IF I hear from them. Tonight, no cell service but they have internet. Today was a nice biking day according to Roger. He said tomorrow, 1st thing, they start a ...1000 ft. climb. This was their last basically flat day until close to the end.

Check back on the website often, you never know when it could be back. And yes, I talked to Roger. I googled the hotels in that town and found them. Chris called me a stalker. I prefer to call it, missing them all, well, maybe except Chris. He picks on me. :-(~

~~~~I posted this on Facebook, then SURPRISE, Chuck resurrected the website!!!~~~~

Chuck, I take back EVERYTHING Chris says about you. You rock!!!!

Benthub is back!

Sorry about the recent site outage, a storm and power outage took out the old server. We had to migrate to a new server. I don't believe any content was lost. Hopefully we should be back up for good now.

Day 37: July 20: Noxon, MT to Sagle, ID: 52 miles:

Yesterday they made it to a campground in Idaho. Roger said the shoulders were small and they dealt with alot of traffic. He said the weather was great for biking, in the low 70's.

Chris posted to FB last night was getting cold. "‎55 degees here now. 45 in a few hours. Cold!" And we are in a horrible heatwave. Go figure.

Total miles so far, I think 1637.

Day 29 updated

At a great expense of sleep, i posted a small sample of our pictures on day 29. This cost me 2 hours of sleep, after a long day of biking. You better go look at them!!!!!! It was really tough picking wich pictures to post....we have many. Also, I am using chucks mobile wifi device, which is really slow in this took a few minutes to post each pic.

Day 36: July 19: Libby to Somewhere, MT: 51 miles

We slept in a bit after staying up too late last night. With our AC out, nobody could sleep until after the sun set....and it never does. After 11 miles, we stopped at a little surprise I had in mind for the group....a 1 mile hike to a swinging bridge and waterfall!

TJ and Katie crossed first....then shook the thing as I crossed. Jerks. Laura and Rog wouldn't attempt it, but Rog was sure quick to shake the stablizing cables when we all tried to come back. Hmmmm.

Day 28 updated

I added pictures to day 28. I will update other missing days as we have time. It is too hot to sleep....darn AC not working. We are baking in this hotel.

Good night.

Day 35: July 18: Eureka to Libby, MT: 72 miles

Traveling with a group of 5 is difficult. Each day, one rider is having a rough day. Each day, a different bike has troubles. Each day, the conditions are not ideal for one of the bikes or riders. Each day, a different rider is ill. What are the odds that all of that will be perfect for all 5 riders in one day? Not great. Today I was having my best day of the trip, Katie was having one of her worst.

It was 75F when we left early today, hoping to beat the heat. It was nearly 100 by the time we finished the day, with katie down to a crawl. This is how it works in a group....

Day 34: July 17: Whitefish, MT to Eureka, MT: 61 miles

We are all feeling much better with clean clothes and good showers. It was a late night though to get everything clean. We did not wake up very early, so the start was not too early. It was suppose to be a hot day, but we needed the sleep too.

Hwy 93 was not a good way to start the day. It was very busy, no shoulder, a crumbled edge of the road, and a terrible graveled/ muddy edge. We were in the gravel a ridiculous number of times because cars would not move over for us. We got off the hwy according to our route as many times as possible. It was so bad Katie even dumped off her bike into the grass after being pushed into the gravel by the cars and then hitting a big rut. She was not hurt and her bike was okay, but the road and traffic were awful.

Day 33: July 16: Avalanche Park, MT to Whitefish, MT: 46 Miles

We woke up this morning to freezing cold temperatures. I have not been cold when sleeping yet this trip, but my sleeping bag was not enough this morning. It was 42 degrees when Chris got up, and the sun had been up for awhile. It may have hit the high 30's!

Day 32: July 15: Rising Sun to Avalanch Park, MT: 30 Miles

Day 32: July 15: Rising Sun to Avalanch: 30 miles

Sorry for the late post.

At some point in every persons life, they should have the opportunity to test their limits. They should find out what truly they are capable of, and what their limits are. Today was our day.

TJ just renamed his bike Lil Red Glacier, and today the newly named bike would be challenged like never before.

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