Day 31: July 14: Many Glacier to Rising Sun, MT: 30 Miles

Sorry for the late post.

The Hostel Shoppe says my rim will arrive today at noon! Wahoo.

We hit the road after sleeping to not arrive at the post office before noon. After 12 miles downhill with a tailwind we were trying otu the new wheel (hub, rim, cassette).

This is us with Maria, a fellow adventurer sharing our non-vehicle camp site iwth us. Maria is travling the world via hiking. She has traveled Europe, Central America, and hopes to head for Alaska.

We had lunch at a general store, making cheese and turkey sandwiches, and hit the road.

Day 30: July 13: Many Glacier MT: 1 Mile

This was posted late because it has been days without cell or internet access.

Today was not supposed to be a rest day, but it turned out to be one.

We packed all of our stuff so we would be ready to roll when my new wheel arrived. We called, and waited, and called and waited. It never came. What a waste of time, and a waste of 60 bucks for guaranteed delivery. The bike shop says I will get my money back, but the day was mostly wasted. We biked 1 mile getting ready to go, and then finding out we were not going anywhere.

The Many Glacier park has sites for hikers and bikers unable to made had some nice spots to dry my socks. Man we need to do laundry bad.

Day 29: July 12: Many Glacier MT: Rest Day

Sorry for the late post, pictures to be added later.

Today was a rest day while we wait for Chris's parts to arrive at the post office in Babb. The day started out just wonderfully as the rain woke me at 1:30 dripping nicely through my tent...plunk right on the temple. It continued to rain until about 7:00 when I decided to give the bathroom a try. I returned to spend some time wiping up the puddles in the tent and trying to get some sleep.

Day 28: July 11: Browning to Many Glacier MT: 50 miles

We left our browning motel, and headed north to find lodging near Babb where our 2 wheels would arrive in the next 2 days. I have one cheapo one comeing from home, and one good one coming from the Hostel Shoppe. Thanks Dee. Thanks Ann. Shipping is over 100 bucks for the two wheels.

Day 32: July 15: Going-to-the-Sun Road:

No word from our group today. That tells me they may not have finished the 50 miles and gotten out of the park today. It is through the mountains so I'm not surprised.

Day 31: July 14: Many GNP Campground to Babb Post Office to Campground at beginning of Going-to-the-Sun Road:

After their frustrating day yesterday thay headed to bed about 8 pm for a good nights sleep............well that was the plan. They had packed up to leave for Babb to get the box from Hostell just to call and find out the box was not there. ( I told this yesterday) So they had to set up camp again. Roger and TJ picked on Chris because they were now sharing their own site. In other words, they were out of the "Heffel Slum Camp" HA HA HA. They all crawled in for the night. Then the rain came. So who's tent do you suppose was in the "little dip" that became a lake?

Day 30: July 13: Many Glacier National Park: 0 miles:

Well, so much for things going right for our group. The box from Hostell did not show up at 3pm at the Babb post office. It was supposed to be there today by 3 pm. Most of the day was ruined by waiting, calling the post office, calling Hostell, Hostell tracking it, calling the post office, Chris finding out from Hostell that his shipping charges will be credited back to him because the post office screwed up. The box is now PROMISED to be there tomorrow by noon.

So their plan is to go to bed early, to be up early, packed up and waiting at the post office in Babb by noon. That box BETTER be there!!

Day 29: July 12: (first day of week 5): Babb, MT to Many Glacier National Park Campground, MT: about 12 miles:

I heard from Roger today. It took a credit card and a pay phone; there is no cell service at all. Dang it.

Yesterday they biked south west from Babb to the campground. This place is so popular it's 1st come 1st serve sites.

Today they hiked the mountains, about 5+ miles out. Part of this was in snow. They made it to Iceberg Lake and YES, it is still frozen!!! This is July, RIGHT?? They even had some excitement on the route. Some young guys were snowboarding and one busted up his ankle really bad. The guys called for a rescue and our group watched him be air lifted out by chopper.

Roger said everyone was fine and having a great time. They are loving this park!!! The scenery is, I'm sure, amazing.

Day 28: July 11 (last day of week 4): Browning, MT to Babb, MT to St. Mary, MT: about 48 miles:

This is where things get interesting, I get to guess as to their progress.

Their route took them from Browning to Babb to get to a post office where I could ship a rim, tire and tube (it was all together) for Chris. His bandaid fix on his splitting rim has held so far but it can go at any time. This is approximately 40 miles. They have to be back in Babb on Wednesday for a rim and tubes Hostell in Stevens Point, WI shipped to them. This rim is a true replacement for Chris' bad one. Then the rim I shipped will be a spare or replacement for TJ's, if his repaired rim fails.

Day 27: July 10: Cut Bank, MT to Browning, MT: 35 miles

The word of the day today was Mountains! We are beginning to see them grow and loom over the horizon in front of us lying in our path to the ocean. The massiveness in front of us seems to dare us to continue while causing us to question ourselves and our ability to overcome. The mountains are also astounding us with their beauty, even from this many miles away. This beauty urges us to continue.

Here is a few pictures showing the growth of the mountains as we saw them today.

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