Day 30: July 13: Many Glacier MT: 1 Mile

This was posted late because it has been days without cell or internet access.

Today was not supposed to be a rest day, but it turned out to be one.

We packed all of our stuff so we would be ready to roll when my new wheel arrived. We called, and waited, and called and waited. It never came. What a waste of time, and a waste of 60 bucks for guaranteed delivery. The bike shop says I will get my money back, but the day was mostly wasted. We biked 1 mile getting ready to go, and then finding out we were not going anywhere.

The Many Glacier park has sites for hikers and bikers unable to made had some nice spots to dry my socks. Man we need to do laundry bad.

In order to make the best of the remaining day, we did a short 3 mile hike to a waterfall. It was really awesome and made the frustration of the USPS fade.

Dee loves waterfalls; nothing can beat this picture.

I cannot think of a better place to be stranded when waiting for bike parts....which is why we limped the bike here from Cut Bank. Being stranded in Cut Bank was not acceptable.

After finding out that the wheel was delayed another day, we setup camp again. We speant some more time talking with our new friend Maria whom is touring North and South America for a couple years. Amazing.

TJ moved his tent to a new location with some actual soil when some other bikers left. Roger made some comments about leaving Club Heffel and going to Club TJ....and he moved his tent over by TJ.

As the sun set, it stormed pretty good and I feel asleep to raindrops on my tent as I looked at the mountains out my screen window. Perfect.

Then, I was awaken by Roger saying something. I sat straight up. Roger does NOT ever need anything. Bears? Mountain Lions? Are the girls okay? Did TJ wrestle another mountain goat?

"My tent is flooded!" Says roger. "Everything is soaked".

This is Lake Roger......his tent was right in the middle of it.

"Club Heffel wasn't so bad, now was it?" I replied as I helped him mop out his tent. I expect FEMA will be here soon with a trailer for him. His tent was in the middle of this pond....he moved it to the right out of the water.

TJ never heard a thing, and woke up after everyone else was around his tent laughing (even roger). TJ thougt it was morning, even though it was only like 9pm.

1 mile (1295 total)



I so need a picture!!! Imagine that, Roger is on a waterfall trip without ME!!! AARRRHHHHHHH. He may just have to REALLY take me back there. I want to see the waterfalls too.

You are all having such an amazing adventure. I am so happy for every one of you.


That pic with the falls and the mountain takes my breath away!!