Day 06 - Temple to Harrison (Lake George) MI - 11 miles (318 total)

We packed up from Duggans Campground....needing to escape the bugs.

Day 05 - Luther to Temple MI- 46 miles (265 total)

This is going to be a short entry today. Too tired from the heat, falling asleep.

Day 04 - Ludington to Luther MI- 45 miles (219 total)

We woke up at just after 7am from the Best Western in Ludington. The staff was awesome enough to let us hide our bikes in the janitors store room. Sweet! The hour time loss, combined with the last few late nights, had us pretty wiped out so we slept in a bit. The continental breakfast was pretty huge, which for a group of 5 hungry cyclists warrants at least half the price of the hotel room. We love camping, but it certainly isn't cheaper than a hotel when you get the final bills.

Day 03 - Pipe WI to Ludington MI- 49 miles (174 total)

Today was a race against the clock. We really wanted to get to Manitowoc before 1pm to make the ferry. The next ferry wasn't until 1am. The four hour boat ride would not be fun that late! Exhausted from the day before, we needed to cover 45 miles. At 5am the birds were up, so I figured we should be too. Sorry girls.

We left for a quick gas station breakfast, and damn, another tire issue for Chuck. It wasn't until 7:10 that we were back on the road. That sucked! It wasn't looking terribly likely that we make the ferry. That is 1 flat for Chris. Three for Chuck, one each day. The wind was at our backs however, so we still gave it a shot.

Day 02 - Montello to Pipe WI - 66 miles (125 total)

Long. That is the only way I can describe this day. The weather was excellent. A tailwind, sunny, hot, beautiful. This was the warmest day of the year so far, and we were not adjusted to it yet. Otherwise it was perfect.

Day 03 part 2 - Historic landmark that still far.

Full updates coming later. Just a quick post from our cruise.

NT East - Day 2....

They did quite well today; made about 65 miles. They are north of Fond du Lac in a park, camping. They appear to be on schedule to make the ferry tomorrow at Manitowoc, WI. Chuck had 2 flats today. He fixed the 1st with a patched tube from yesterday, then that patch failed immediately. Arr. The best part today (for me) was my son-in-law "risking his life" for his wonderful, amazing mother-in-law as he climbed to the top of a fire tower at dusk, in the wind. The take a video for me of the amazing sunset tonight, and also catching Roger on the phone talking to me while we shared that same sunset together. I guess as son-in-laws go, I lucked out. I'd say we all had a good day. They are, however, quite tired and asked me to post.

Day 01 - New Lisbon to Montello WI - 51 miles (59 total)

Our first day out of New Lisbon. Exciting. Nervous. Wet. Irritated. That about sums it up.

Every great adventure has a first day. You look forward to it with excited anticipation. You think about it as you drift to sleep for months prior. You want it to go perfectly, and you have it planned out in agonizing detail. You step out the door, and it all falls apart. This is what makes it an adventure.

Day 00 - Hustler WI to New Lisbon WI - 8 miles

Packing List - No Railroad Spikes Mom!

Here is my list; I am finally done packing (about 50 pounds, not counting water). With the trike and the rider, we are talking 275 pounds to haul..... maybe i can leave a pair of socks behind.

I could live without a lot of this. Some is going to get sent home at the first handy post office.....that is how it always goes.

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