Day 36: July 19: Libby to Somewhere, MT: 51 miles

We slept in a bit after staying up too late last night. With our AC out, nobody could sleep until after the sun set....and it never does. After 11 miles, we stopped at a little surprise I had in mind for the group....a 1 mile hike to a swinging bridge and waterfall!

TJ and Katie crossed first....then shook the thing as I crossed. Jerks. Laura and Rog wouldn't attempt it, but Rog was sure quick to shake the stablizing cables when we all tried to come back. Hmmmm.

At Little Joe Montana, I had a burger with swiss cheese and pineapple on it. Excellent! Their chicken chili was also amazing.

It started out like it was going to be a scorcher today.....but then it clouded over. Bad weather is forcasted, so our 70 mile goal was dropped to 50 and we stopped at two Rivers Campground. This is probably the nicest campground of the trip. The people were friendly, the showers warm, and it included a towel!

It started raining just as the campgrounds came into view. We got our tents up before the heavy stuff hit, and walked to a local deli for food.

It is getting very chilly, quickly, so I am going to wrap this up and get inside my sleeping bag. Hopefully we don't freeze tonight, the low temps in this area in this season are pushing the limits of my gear.

Idaho tomorrow. Laura was not well today, hopefully better in the morning. Roger and Katie seem to be well again though, so that is good. TJ seems aweful tired lately. He says his legs have been very tired at the end of the day...which is strange for him. He usually say he is always ready for more.

Spirits are high, but a bit leery of what these last couple weeks will bring. Katie has been looking ahead at future maps, and has hit some doubt. The cascade mountains concern her more than the rockies did, with good reason. We have a few more days before we get to that point though.

Good night to you all, and to the animal that keeps walking near my tent. Lets just say it is a dog.

51 miles (1585 total)


That "Somewhere" is Noxon, MT

You left Libby, MT and pedaled 51 miles to Cabinet Gorge RV & Campground in Noxon, MT, where you camped. Isn't this where the huge pine tree almost fell on the big RV?

I love the bridge pic, so where is the waterfall pics?