Day 37: July 20: Somewhere MT to Sandpoint ID: 52 miles

We woke up this morning after a rainy and windy night, to find out that a tree fell a few campsites over, and nearly crushed an RV. One of the passengers had to be sent to the hospital via ambulance for what turned out to be hyperventilating.

I was still awake at about 10pm when the tree came down. I was typing up benthub entries, and my connection to my server went down at the same instant. I figured lightening took out a Verizon tower. Coincedence I guess....because the power went out at home and took the server out. I will have to find someone to try and bring it back up.

We had breakfast at a pantry near the campground; huge breakfast burritos for under 3 bucks. Excellent.

It was a cooler day today, with highs in the 70s. Overcast. Perfect!

After maybe 10 miles, we entered Idaho. After a quick dice roll, Laura has to carry the blisters game until the next state line. We also lost our 2nd hour of the trip after a timezone change.

The speed limits dropped to 55 after the Idaho that makes a huge difference. I still can't believe how bad the drivers of Montana are. I think the speed limits are posted just to meet federal regulations, they really don't enforce any traffic laws. I only saw 1 police officer in my entire time cycling accross Montana (on highways no less). We saw 2 in Idaho already, and the drivers were much more adept. In Montana, we saw a cross (signifying a traffic death) at just under 1 per mile for the entire trip accross the state. If hundreds of people died in any other way, everyone would lobby for change....but for some reason it is acceptable in an automobile.

Traffic in Idaho seems heavier than Montana, possibly because there are actual industries and tourist attractions. Montana really doesn't attract much of anything, and would have been void of all economic activity if it were not for Glacier NP.

Beard Update

It was a great day. We only made 50 miles, but we stopped at a few cafes which eats up quite a bit of time. Moms Cafe in Clark Fork was sub-par, but Panhandlers in Sandpoint was excellent. Sour Cream Lemon Pie was awesome!

We got through sandpoint and crossed a very long bike path and bridge to be on the outgoing side of town for us, setting us up to leave easier tomorrow. Hopefully we can find breakfast. This hotel seems pretty good for the sub 70 bucks category. I really need a good nights sleep, I didn't sleep much last night. The room easily fit us 5, bikes, gear, and all.........the AC even seems to work....kinda.

Widest bike bridge ever!!!!

52 miles (1637 total)