Day 33: July 16: Avalanche Park, MT to Whitefish, MT: 46 Miles

We woke up this morning to freezing cold temperatures. I have not been cold when sleeping yet this trip, but my sleeping bag was not enough this morning. It was 42 degrees when Chris got up, and the sun had been up for awhile. It may have hit the high 30's!

We had to get underway even in the cold because we had a time limit on the road today. Bikes had to be off Sun Road by 11:00. We were pushing the limit a little because we crossed the line at 11 o'clock exactly. It is not that someone would come and kick us off, but for the safety of everyone on the road, bikes are asked to stay off during the busy car time of the day. When we pulled out of the park the line for cars coming in was three wide and at least 25 deep! It is a good thing we got off.

We stopped in West Glacier and had the best meal of the trip. It wasn't necessarily the best tasting, but we were all starving from not eating enough, so anything eatible in front of us was the best food ever.

We had our first cell phone reception since after Browning.

We downed our food and got back on the road. We hit a new patch on pavement and I got my first flat tire! It looked like a piece of a staple from the road construction crew. Arrrgghhh! We got it changed and finished the rest of our day.

Once we got into a hotel, TJ met up with his brother and his family and had some time to visit because they came with us to dinner. Laundry to cure our smelly clothes, showers to cure our stinky bodies, and off to bed we go. Chris, Katie, and TJ had a short time to play in the pool too.

TJs twin nephews are missing the same tooth.

46 miles (1401 total)