Northern Tier (West) Begins

They are loaded up, ready to go and about to hit the road. We wish you all a safe ride, a great time and awesome memories.

Three Days and Counting...

We only have three days to finish our preparations for the trip, and several bike repairs to finish. While on a practice ride yesterday, TJ's chain broke, so off to the Hostel Shoppe we go to get parts to fix it. Katie's bike also needed some work done on the brakes. My bike still needs the headlights and bottle cages mounted. Chris and Dad are going to replace the seat cord that ties their seat fabric on.

Katies Fortune Cookie

Katie just pulled this fortune out of a cookie. I have to say, Katie gets very specific and accurate fortunes out of cookies....and it isn't like she eats at Chinese restaurants more than a couple times per year. Amazing.

What is with this girl and fortune cookies? The day before her bike accident a few years ago, she got this poor fortune. Yeah, the day before!

Be the Difference You Wish to See

Together we make a difference, each and every one of us. When I was in an bicycle accident, 4 years ago I experienced a life changing feeling that helped shape who I am today and who I forever will be.

I experienced a time where I felt like I couldn't do very much for myself and I really couldn't. My family and friends of the family were always by my side giving me the love and support I needed. I know I haven't thanked any one of them enough but I say it again now, thank you.

One Penny For Biking 5 Miles

WHAT A DEAL!!!! Katie has decided to raise money for two Charities. She is asking for one penny for each five miles that she bikes on this trip. If she completes the 2500 mile trip, the donation would be only $5.

Planning our 2011 Tour of Northern Tier

The Plan
Our plan is as follows..............5 riders for this trip....

Northern Tier ACA Map: Northern Tier ACA MapNorthern Tier ACA Map: Northern Tier ACA Map

School Ends: Friday June 10th
Start Date: We will leave Saturday and Sunday for packing, last minute planning, and goodbyes, then leave Monday June 13th.
End Date: We must be home August 8th, 8 weeks later.

Day 19 Updated

I added pictures, google earth, and corrections to day 19. Check it out.


Updated day 16, 17, and 18

I updated and added photos for days 16, 17 and 18 on the MRT journal. I also added the google earth links as well.

Pest Alert! Check it out!

Updated day 10-13

I updated and added a few more photos for days 10-13 on the MRT journal. I also corrected some errors, fixed some city names, added a bit of detail, and added the google earth files.

Updated day 8 and 9

I added photos and details to days 8 and 9. I will try and update the missing days eventually. There are more than I remembered.

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