One Penny For Biking 5 Miles

WHAT A DEAL!!!! Katie has decided to raise money for two Charities. She is asking for one penny for each five miles that she bikes on this trip. If she completes the 2500 mile trip, the donation would be only $5.

If would like to donate to Livestrong, go to Katie's Livestrong Page and help Katie reach her goals.

If you would like to donate to GIVE, please register here on Benthub and contact Katie through her contact page. gives 81 cents of every dollar donated towards helping those with cancer, recovering from cancer, and fighting cancer. Improving the lives of those suffering with Cancer is their major goal.

GIVE is a New Lisbon School District organization where students are Getting Involved through Volunteer Experience. They perform many charitable acts and activities around the area, and also raise money for worthy causes. GIVE encourages students be active volunteers in their community.


Thank you

I would just like to thank everyone for all your sincere generosity and support. I had no idea the great emotion and happiness I am receiving from all of your intrest and sence of giving. I hope you all follow and view our pictures as they are posted. Once again, thank you for the feeling of inspiration. Together, we make a difference!