Day 28: July 17: Greenville MS to Vicksburg MS: 112 miles

We woke up at 5:00 to get an early start on our upcoming long day. The hotel staff at the Hampton Inn in Greenville even had breakfast ready a half hour earlier for us. They also let us take their "Breakfast to go bags" so we would have a snack for later in the morning.

Our first stop of the day was at Roy's Store located on Roy's Store Road. We had drinks and breakfast sandwiches, and were back on the road.

Day 27: July 16: Greenville MS to Greenville MS: 5 miles

We slept in and got a quick breakfast from Super 8. I called the bike shop and he was open so we headed over to hopefully get my trike fixed. Kwik Keys and Bikes said that they had 20" rims in stock.

Apparently I shouldn't let the girls sleep in.....Taters had enough energy to sit in the room pedaling her bike backwards.

A lot of people like to photograph us with their phones. Outside of Kwick Keys and Bikes I photographed a guy photographing Roger.

Day 26: July 15: Lula MS to Greenville MS: 95 miles

We woke up early at the Isle of Capri Casino hotel in Lula MS. We searched for breakfast but nothing was open at 6:00, so we resorted to "women's restroom stew" (oatmeal in it's packet for those of you not up on the lingo :) ) Then we hit the road hard because we had a big day ahead of us!

Day 25: July 14: West Helena Ar to Lula Ms: 12 miles

We left Best Western after sleeping in and headed for Subway. The cardboard statue of Jarad suggested we eat a sub with 6 grams of fat or we did. Today is a rest day for us, we are tired and have a very long gap between towns tomorrow. After a rest day today, we should be ready for a big HOT day tomorrow. Temps are expected to be near 100, not including the heat index. Also, we need a chance to let our stuff dry out.

Day 26 Update..........................

Hi All,
Our gang is in Greenville, MS tonight and absolutely exhausted. They did 95 miles today. The temperature was a balmy 95 degrees with the heat indices at about 110. Adding to that, the humidity was really up there. The road temps were 100 to 104. Ya, they're cooked.

Chris limped into town with his back rim barely holding his tire. This is not the bent rim either, that is shot. Thankfully, there is a bike shop there and is supposed to have the correct rim for him. He's still missing a brake too, but Roger wasn't sure if he was going to get that fixed or not. I guess the shop person has to really know his stuff to fix the brake.

Pittsville Says Hello

What you guys are doing is fantastic, I've heard people complain more driving from here to there. Keep up the great fun its awesome!! John Baum Pittsville WI.

Day 24: July 13: Memphis to West Helena Ar: 89 miles

We started out the day with a crappy breakfast at Super 8. We got up at 5:15 so we could hit the road early.

To cross into Arkansas, we had to cross the I55 bridge. It has a pedestrian walkway, but I cannot see that any pedestrians would ever use it. It is nearly impossible to find, impossible to travel to via walking, and it doesn't go anywhere.

Day 23: July 12: Meeham Shelby State Park to Memphis TN: 30 miles

Wow, what a horrible night. The thunder and rain rumbled all night, as we slowly dehydrated in our little sweat lodge tents. We all slowly melted, unable to cope with the hot sticky night. At one point I heard Katie put a cold bottle of water on Lauras back, Laura screamed her way back into the land of the alert. A few minutes later it hit me.....where did Katie get a cold bottle of anything? "The pop machine, the stuff is super cold! It is only $1" says katie. In communication between tents I talked Katie into bringing me a bottle. Diet coke, dang.....I never drank it, but I did keep it close to my soul until it no longer was cooler than myself. That was the best $2 I have ever speant.

Day 22: July 11: Ripley to Meeham Shelby State Park TN: 66 miles

Our nights sleep was less than stellar. The hotel was a huge disappointment. We all dragged ourselves out of the hotel and sleepily day-dreamed about a nice place to sleep. Motivation was in short mostly we were quiet.

Since we had then missed breakfast, we hit the main road rather than the route. This would be a huge shortcut, and would hopefully lead us to breakfast. Also, this would mean traffic. The purpose of this trip is to avoid the highway so we hoped to find breakfast quick and get back onto the rural route.

After several miles, no breakfast, so we stopped at a fruit stand. $6 got us as many peaches as we were willing to eat.

Day 21: July 10: Samburg to Ripley TN: 75 miles

75 miles (962 total miles)
Google Earth File

This morning a cat was sitting outside Roger and Chucks room. I wonder if they need to do laundry?

We had a quick gorging on french toast the the restaraunt accross from our hotel (formerly owned by the hotel owner and now sold to family), and hit the road trying to beat the heat. Of course, a headwind for the bazillionth day in a row. This wind from the south needs to change.

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