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Day 38: July 21: Sandpoint ID to Newport Wa: 33 miles

We woke up at the Country Inn just south of Sandpoint and headed for breakfast down the road. We ate at a little cafe, Katie, TJ and I had another batch of really bad pancakes. It was a slow morning, and the wind was against us pretty heavily. We were still dragging pretty good from the day before.

We usually don't mind stopping for road construction flagmen, but today we got eaten by skeeters when we stopped! Then she made us wait even longer while the cars behind us if we didn't know how to ride in traffic.

Day 37: July 20: Somewhere MT to Sandpoint ID: 52 miles

We woke up this morning after a rainy and windy night, to find out that a tree fell a few campsites over, and nearly crushed an RV. One of the passengers had to be sent to the hospital via ambulance for what turned out to be hyperventilating.

I was still awake at about 10pm when the tree came down. I was typing up benthub entries, and my connection to my server went down at the same instant. I figured lightening took out a Verizon tower. Coincedence I guess....because the power went out at home and took the server out. I will have to find someone to try and bring it back up.

We had breakfast at a pantry near the campground; huge breakfast burritos for under 3 bucks. Excellent.

It was a cooler day today, with highs in the 70s. Overcast. Perfect!

Day 29 updated

At a great expense of sleep, i posted a small sample of our pictures on day 29. This cost me 2 hours of sleep, after a long day of biking. You better go look at them!!!!!! It was really tough picking wich pictures to post....we have many. Also, I am using chucks mobile wifi device, which is really slow in this took a few minutes to post each pic.

Day 36: July 19: Libby to Somewhere, MT: 51 miles

We slept in a bit after staying up too late last night. With our AC out, nobody could sleep until after the sun set....and it never does. After 11 miles, we stopped at a little surprise I had in mind for the group....a 1 mile hike to a swinging bridge and waterfall!

TJ and Katie crossed first....then shook the thing as I crossed. Jerks. Laura and Rog wouldn't attempt it, but Rog was sure quick to shake the stablizing cables when we all tried to come back. Hmmmm.

Day 28 updated

I added pictures to day 28. I will update other missing days as we have time. It is too hot to sleep....darn AC not working. We are baking in this hotel.

Good night.

Day 35: July 18: Eureka to Libby, MT: 72 miles

Traveling with a group of 5 is difficult. Each day, one rider is having a rough day. Each day, a different bike has troubles. Each day, the conditions are not ideal for one of the bikes or riders. Each day, a different rider is ill. What are the odds that all of that will be perfect for all 5 riders in one day? Not great. Today I was having my best day of the trip, Katie was having one of her worst.

It was 75F when we left early today, hoping to beat the heat. It was nearly 100 by the time we finished the day, with katie down to a crawl. This is how it works in a group....

Day 32: July 15: Rising Sun to Avalanch Park, MT: 30 Miles

Day 32: July 15: Rising Sun to Avalanch: 30 miles

Sorry for the late post.

At some point in every persons life, they should have the opportunity to test their limits. They should find out what truly they are capable of, and what their limits are. Today was our day.

TJ just renamed his bike Lil Red Glacier, and today the newly named bike would be challenged like never before.

Day 31: July 14: Many Glacier to Rising Sun, MT: 30 Miles

Sorry for the late post.

The Hostel Shoppe says my rim will arrive today at noon! Wahoo.

We hit the road after sleeping to not arrive at the post office before noon. After 12 miles downhill with a tailwind we were trying otu the new wheel (hub, rim, cassette).

This is us with Maria, a fellow adventurer sharing our non-vehicle camp site iwth us. Maria is travling the world via hiking. She has traveled Europe, Central America, and hopes to head for Alaska.

We had lunch at a general store, making cheese and turkey sandwiches, and hit the road.

Day 30: July 13: Many Glacier MT: 1 Mile

This was posted late because it has been days without cell or internet access.

Today was not supposed to be a rest day, but it turned out to be one.

We packed all of our stuff so we would be ready to roll when my new wheel arrived. We called, and waited, and called and waited. It never came. What a waste of time, and a waste of 60 bucks for guaranteed delivery. The bike shop says I will get my money back, but the day was mostly wasted. We biked 1 mile getting ready to go, and then finding out we were not going anywhere.

The Many Glacier park has sites for hikers and bikers unable to made had some nice spots to dry my socks. Man we need to do laundry bad.

Day 28: July 11: Browning to Many Glacier MT: 50 miles

We left our browning motel, and headed north to find lodging near Babb where our 2 wheels would arrive in the next 2 days. I have one cheapo one comeing from home, and one good one coming from the Hostel Shoppe. Thanks Dee. Thanks Ann. Shipping is over 100 bucks for the two wheels.

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