Day 45: July 28: Twisp, WA heading to Mazama, WA:??????

There must not have been any cell service because I have not gotten a call from Roger tonight. They hoped to make it to a campground about 5 miles out of Mazama. This would give them an easier day today, resting up for tomorrow. They have 2 more passes to do, back to back, Washington Pass and Rainy Pass. These passes are going to be hard on them. They are all tired and the seriously steep climbs of the past few days have all their knees hurting.

Since there has been sightings, some much to close for comfort, with moose, bears, and mule deer, I'm hoping all is well and I hope to hear from Roger tomorrow night.

I must say, Laura was very talkative last night, describing the mule deer that HOPPED away, boying boying boying crossing the road, in front of Katie. She said it was so funny because she has never seen a deer bounce like that.

I did ask Laura if she is regretting this trip since they are all so tired and sore. She said NO, they are all tired and sore but still loving this adventure. I am so happy and so very proud of every one of them. I can't wait to see them on the other side.

I love you all, keep pedaling; you WILL all complete this one.



Chris and Laura:
Wow what an amazing accomplishment you two have almost accomplished. I live in Belfair, a small city about 10 miles south of Bremerton. It would be a shame that you have made it to far and for us not to see each other. I noticed that your track has you taking the Coupeville/Port Townsend ferry. If you let me know maybe I can meet you up there. Let me know either email or home number. 360-552-0297.