Very little chatter folks.

There has been very few comments to our bicyclists this trip. Feel free to send them encouragement! They are going to need it. They are about to hit the toughest hills of this entire trip!!

They do see what you post when they can. They don't comment because there is alot to do to prepare for each new day. They are all exhausted from miles of pedaling, being in the fresh air, and whatever Mother Nature sends them. Also, Chris looses a lot of sleep posting pics for us to enjoy.

I am counting on them to make this trip to the end. I believe they can do it and I believe in each and every one of them. (Even the old guy, Love You Honey)

To Chris, Laura, Katie, TJ and Roger............ I am so proud of you all. I wish I could be along for this amazing adventure, but then, who would get to drive out to bring you all home? So keep going, I know you will finish and I can't wait to see you all on the other side!!!!

I love you all!!!



Love and miss everyone. We are having a great time, but Sherman Pass is now looming for the morning. Everyone is getting nervous, but I think we can do it. Hopefully it will be warmer than Logan Pass.

See you soon Mom!