Day 17: June 30: New Salem ND to Glendive MT to Circle MT: 51 miles

So, continuing our adventure from yesterday, we dropped the truck off in Glendive Montana... over 100 miless off route. We figured the 100 miles wouldnt' be too bad.......we were wrong. The bike gods must be angry that we rode in a truck earlier.

First, it was hot. Really hot. We have been struggling to keep warm with most days at 59 to 61F, now it is 90F plus? We are not used to this! You know it is hot when you search for shade anywhere you can get it.

This was really a tough day, I am not sure how to describe it. Their was nothing to see, just more and more heat, more and more hill, it never ended. Katie liked how the heat made the road disappear in front of us.

Oh, and lets not forget that the first 30 miles were all uphill with a 20mph headwind. None of us have never had such a long climb. We slugged away at 4 to 8 mph against the wind up the hills. There were some short downhills where you would try to coast, but soon pedal in order to maintain 10mph. I have never had to pedal down a two percent drop is exhausting.

Was it worth it? I don't know....ask me later. The views were amazing at the top though. The traffic was fairly light, the shoulder was good, the drivers were mostly courteous.

Oh, but then another 20 miles of nothing.

By the end of the day we had done over 1300 feet of climbing. All against a huge wind. We limped into the city of Circle, hoping the rumors of free camping for bikers was true.

We found food at an overpriced small town eatery called Kays. It was meh. The dinosaur out front was neat though.

Eventually we found the city pool. It looked more like a prison from the outside, but it was pretty nice. The local community was very friendly, everyone told us to ignore any no-camping signs we saw.

The pool was a bit out of town, but Katie and TJ took orders for drinks and walked to town for us. Soon they were back with treats. We rehydrated, brushed our teeth, and went to bed. I heard some very heavy breathing from the other tents after only minutes.....with the exception of the few minutes everyone sprung awake when a cat sat down in between all the tents and started meowing. One more meow and he was going to be breakfast.

A glimpse at us setting up camp in a pavilion, which is a lot nicer when it is raining in the morning. Hopefully it isn't needed though.

I am going to bed. Sorry for still being 1 day behind on the journal. Very tired. I leave you with some advice from Circle Montana.

51 miles (807 total)


Mmm...BBQ kitty cat! What are

Mmm...BBQ kitty cat!

What are you going to do when you get to the mountains?

Laura's hands look fake............

Look at the 2nd to last pic for today (Day 17). Laura has tanned her hands again this trip. She usually wears long sleeves so her arms are more protected from the sun; but because she doesn't wear biking gloves, her hands really get tan. I can't wait to see who else gets weird tan marks. Katie, do you have diamonds on your legs again?