Day 47: July 30: Newhalem to Concrete WA: 33 miles

It didn't get as cold last night as the prior night. The prior night was in the low 40s, which is well past the lower limit of my camping gear. Last night was in the upper 40s. The difference is huge, really!

We left our campground in a hurry. We had missed our last two grocery stops, and were living off of our packed emergency food. I had 4 packets of dry oatmeal as my only food, so I ate two of them and hit the road. Laura finished off everything she had packed except for a single ramen packet.

We saw this awesome looking slug near our tents.

Lucky for us, the rangers have coffee and cocoa with the campers on Saturday mornings. Wahoo!

The contrast between the two sides of this past mountain are amazing. It was so sparse, and now it is more like a jungle.

After 14 miles, we rolled into Marblemount and the Marblemount diner......all-you-can eat breakfast buffet. It was pricey, but I am quite sure we got our money out of it.

After having some real food, we blasted along at 15+ mph to our stop for the day in Concrete. We had booked a room near food and laundry so we could freshen up and rest a bit. These past few weeks have sure been rough. Also, we really needed some time for laundry and showers.

Near town we stopped to view the salmon run, and the trap they use to catch salmon (to transport them via truck past the dams).

We did laundry, found a great little pizza place, groceries, and are now all showered up. Oh man, what a wonderful day.

Our hawaiin pizza had cherries on it! Great!

Tomorrow we hope to dip our tires in some salt water, and start heading south. We also hope to meet up with a Canadian friend of ours. Al is going to bike here to meet us.....from Canada!!!!! He is biking from another country. I hope it works out. Katie is worried that she won't be able to keep up with Al on his wedgie......he might ride with us for a few miles.

Also, Dee plans on heading out to pick us up tomorrow. We are racing her to the ocean! It was nice of her to give us a 2 month head start!

Now I need a snack or two and am heading to bed.

33 miles (2041 total)


They've done it!!!

They dipped their tires in salt water and are now having a good visit with Al from Canada. Al is camping with them tonight. It sounds like they are having a fun time. I'll see them soon!!!! Yahhhhh.

A few points:

1. That slug looks odd. And it appears to be huge. I'm surprised it didn't eat you in the middle of the night.
2. We that little piece of food really all Roger could eat? He needs to eat more to keep up his strength! ;)
3. Cherries on a Hawaiian Pizza? That sounds odd, but could be good, too.
4. My money is still on Dee! Have a good trip out, Dee!

Thanks Mr. Olson!!!

I'm trying. I made it to Mitchell, SD for the night. Hope to get to Columbus, MT tomorrow. The temps are bad here too. News says a lot of 100's tomorrow. It's warm in the van WITH the air on. Looking forward to the mountains, hoping to feel some cool air for a change.

Keep your vote on me, I don't plan to disappoint you.

I hate to disappoint you Mr. Olson BUT..............

I think they are going to win. I had no idea I could be a VERY rich woman IF I had just been the one to invent the "road construction barrels"!!!!

It's not to late to change your bet, I am.

I hope you got your vote change in before 7 pm,

I lost. They made it to Forks before me. I did, however, hit town pulling the needed Uhaul trailer behind me. This will save us so much time tomorrow. I think the race should be called a tie, based on that, don't you?

Home sweet home

Hi Dee,
Let me know when everyone is home safe! I am very impressed with their trip. Wow!

Some race..........

It's 3 am and I finally just finished with work that HAD to be finished before I leave; finished yet another repair and packing too. With a little luck and some good sleep, I'll hit the road around noon to 1 pm. 8 hours driving will keep me in the race though. You guys better keep moving. See you in Forks, WA in a couple of days.