Day 41: July 24: Kettle Falls, WA to Republic, WA: 45 miles


We made it to the top of Sherman Pass at an elevation of 5575. We had 4568 feet of climbing today. The beginning of the pass was not very steep and we were doing rather well. But as we closed in on the top it became much steeper, most of the top was 6% grade and we were down to a crawl. Katie and TJ did the 27 miles up in 4 hours, I made it in 4 1/2, and Chris and Roger at 5 hours.

At about mile 20 up the hill today, I was riding about 4 mph and heard a snorting sound off to my right side. I look over and see and mother moose and her baby standing in the water on the side of the road. Mom was snorting at me because she was not very happy with my presence and she wanted me to leave. I was riding by myself at the time and was not able to get a picture. I have been told that a mother moose will kill a person who is near her baby. It was kind of neat after the fact, but a little intimidating to have this moose warning me.

After reaching the top of the pass and getting a few pictures we had about 13 miles of downhill. It seems like it should go so quickly but we have to stop a lot to cool down our brakes. Roger's brakes are enclosed drum brakes so they get very hot and take longer to cool down. At the bottom of the hill we had about 2 miles to climb up to the city of Republic. We found a big room at the Prospector Inn. We even had a nice little helper to help us carry our bags. He was the owner's son, 4 years old, and wanted to carry even our most heavy panniers that weigh more than he does. We had to keep him busy with all the little stuff we could find. He was a very well behaved boy and really enjoyed helping us.

We had a great dinner at The Sportsman Roost. They had tasty food and quick service. Then a quick stop at the grocery store for snacks before bed, showers, and bedtime.

Tomorrow's pass is Wauconda. It will be about a 2000 foot climb, so we will still be doing a lot of peddling but it should be a little easier than today's climb.

45 miles (1818 total)


I have to say...

...that that is an impressive amount of riding today! And I thought your times were all pretty good for the climb you had to do. I'd probably still be trying to get up to the top.

Pictures added

I added pictures now.

Honestly, this was the hardest thing I have ever done. 5.5 hours of intense and constant cardio. I started climbing at 6 mph, but was down to 2 mph by the top. Laura understates how hard this was. Tomorow is half this high of climb, with 2 more major climbs after that. I am not sure if we can do all 4 climbs in 4 consecutive days. I know TJ and Katie and Laura can. Rog and I might need a rest day after 2 climbs. The last 7 miles of the 25 mile climb seemed to take forever. They did take 2 hours. Crazy.