Day 23: July 6: Kremlin to Chester, MT: 43 miles

Today we planned a short day to recover from the abusive day yesterday. Also, we were hoping for a hotel room so we could have some AC.

We ate some travelers oatmeal at the Kremlin city park and hit the road.

We had 10 more miles of road construction to start today, but it wasn't too bad as long as you didn't try to go over 10mph. The milled road surface seemed to eat your energy if you tried too hard.

The terrain is slightly hillier now, with some mild rolling hills. It is still grass everywhere though, with a few large hills or mini-mountains deep in the distances.

We had some neat semis pass us today hauling windmill blades. They are LONG.

Anyway, we did some grocery shopping and went back to the hotel.

Our hotel is pretty sweet. A full kitchen and everything for 55 bucks. The AC sucks though, and the windows do not open.

We visited the local museum, and went back to the hotel. The others are sleeping, and I should be too.

43 miles (1140 total)


Grain elevators!

Hi Chris, this is Brian from Walker. I've finally gotten around to checking in on your progress.

I really feel the stress that you guys are enduring with the head winds and road construction, floods, etc. Sounds like quite a struggle. The prevailing winds are westerly and there's not much to stop them on the open plain. But your posts sound like you are taking it well and you have some very pretty scenery coming soon, right? I'm envious.

It sure is a treat to read the trip report. I feel like I'm travelling vicariously with you guys. I like the grain elevator pics too.

Hang in there.